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Companion of God - Faith In The Intellect #8

Companion_of_God_8 Mohini_Didi March 23, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Yes, everyone is well, very well, right? So, lots of greetings from Shantivan. We have a lot of Baba’s children arriving now. When I say a lot, it is in the thousands. Thousands are coming to prepare for the last meeting of Baba. So, to be a Companion of God is an interesting experience. Not only was Dadi Janki a companion of God, but we all also should be a companion of God. Companionship means that the quality should be the same. Our practice of being loving and detached is very important because our feelings, sometimes because of attachment, get affected by something or other. When your feelings are not so good, then you cannot be loving, you cannot be lovely. So, everyday the scenes of Drama are different, and at the Confluence Age, scenes of Drama are definitely different from every other age. The Golden Age scenes of Drama will be different, and the Silver Age will be different, Copper Age, then Iron Age. The Confluence Age is when you hear very good news, and on the other side, you hear challenging news. We are moving from the tamo stage to the sato stage. We are moving, and we are creating lovely relationships with each other. Also, there are a lot of bondages of body consciousness from many past births of the Copper and Iron Ages. So, a lot of settling has to happen. Baba said that nothing should be shocking. It should be ‘nothing new’, and there is some benefit in that.

So, we use the knowledge, so that we can remain detached and also very loving and lovely. For that, what is important is to have 100% faith in the intellect. What does ‘faith in the intellect’ mean? Is not faith in my own intellect, it could be that interpretation, but the faith I have in the intellect has to be used, then you can be very stable and unshakable. We all have faith; faith in the self, faith in Baba, faith in Drama. The power of faith is different. Whatever is the percentage of faith, that much is the power. I saw that the Dadis were unshakeable. We went with any kind of news to the Dadis, they would say “Child, this has happened before”, “Baba will say, nothing new”, “It had to happen in Drama, Drama is repeating”. Let's see what the next scene is. There is some benefit in that, because one scene is connected with another. Sometimes we like five, six scenes and then something happens that we don't like, but you can't remove that. Then you say that this shouldn't have happened. Everything else is okay, but this shouldn't have happened. We can't remove that scene of Drama. Whatever part everyone has been given, they have to play that part. So we cannot replace, right? So then whatever is the part of anyone, we just accept it. Not only accept, but also appreciate, and from heart have good wishes for every actor in the Drama.

So with faith in Baba, if I take one step of courage, Baba will come forward many steps. Some use that faith and some, for little reasons, will not use that faith. It's only when you use faith that you have experience, and when you have experience, your faith increases. Baba will help me and if we do not use that faith that Baba will come forward, we cannot move forward. You will only take very limited steps according to your capacity, but those who are able to take big steps, steps of moving forward, can only do it if they have faith. Circumstances and situations will always create some reasons for not being able to do it, but I have to do it, I have to make it happen. When you have that determination, and you make it happen, you see that not only your own power increases, but your faith increases. The next time you are more confident, but if you don't do that, you will always remain in doubt.

So, subtle bondages keep us tied, but I belong to Baba, I am for Baba, I am surrendered to Baba. All of us expect so much from Baba, Baba's love, Baba’s power, Baba’s help, Baba's presence, but what should Baba expect from us? So, I say, “Yes” to Baba. I am available for Baba, and I take a step forward, always thinking, “What more can I do for Baba?” Doing for Baba means seva, and seva is for unlimited souls. Even being in one place, we can be thinking about the whole world. So, whatever I do, it should be beneficial for all the souls of the world, even if we have limited responsibilities, like you may have a centre, you might have some souls you are serving. However, if in your heart, you want to be a ‘world benefactor’ and you take a step, and then it happens, your faith will immediately increase. With Dadi Janki, there was not even one percent less faith in anything she did.

So, we have faith in Baba, faith in Drama, faith in one's own good wishes, too. So, all that faith, apply it, apply for the unlimited and make the impossible possible, so that we are able to claim unlimited fortune. It’s so interesting the way every day while doing homework, it is from one step to another step. It was ‘detached and lovely’ now it is ‘faith in the intellect’. Every action we are doing, every thought we create, is a pure thought. The result of that will also be unlimited. Also, we are so selfless, it's not that I want anything for myself. We want that whatever I do, I want the whole world to benefit from that. This is deep, unlimited interest that everyone should benefit, everyone should go higher. So apply, apply faith, and then you will see the result and immediately your faith will increase more and more. So, to be ‘companion of God’, I have to have faith in my companion, what He is, and what He can do. What can Baba do? Everything, right? Have one hundred percent faith, because even if you have one percent doubt, there could be obstacles. Faith means faith, and faith means power, faith means victory. I say something to Baba, then have faith that Baba will make it happen.

Okay! So, now with that faith in intellect, let's connect our intellect with Baba. You all also are present with us in Peace Village, in Shantivan. We are all getting ready for Dadi Janki’s program. Lots of love and Om Shanti everyone! There is a one day celebration of Ratanmohini Dadi, she's 98 years old. Yes, big age.

Om Shanti


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