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Companion of God - Detached & Loving #7

Companion_of_God_7 Mohini_Didi March 22, 2022

Om Shanti!

Everyone is well? Okay, very good! That’s what Baba has taught us. If we say okay, we remain okay. Shiv Baba used the medium, the chariot of Brahma Baba. Shiv Baba is Incorporeal. So, Brahma Baba understood and recognized Shiv Baba, because Shiv Baba was playing a part through him. Brahma Baba could understand and recognize the qualities of Shiv Baba. He knew what it means to be like Shiv Baba. So, as much as he kept recognizing Shiv Baba, he started to use those qualities in practical life, and then of course, the Dadis were with BapDada, Brahma Baba, sakar BapDada, and they also follow BapDada. They had so much concentration, recognition, unshakeable faith, and trust. They kept seeing Brahma Baba in different situations, how he maintained his different stages, and that’s how they started following. When I am looking at the qualities of Dadi Janki, she was so accurate in following BapDada. She was in remembrance of Shiv Baba, but following Brahma Baba. She did remember Brahma Baba just to know how he did, what he did to maintain the stage, and to be consistent, to be victorious, to be a bestower. All these are the main qualities of God.

When there are pure thoughts there is a peaceful mind, and when the mind is peaceful, one can get a really good percentage of the stage of being a detached observer. If you are not peaceful, you cannot be detached, nor can you be a good observer. When you are peaceful, you really look at every scene of the Drama, the part of every actor, and you don’t have a reaction, but you appreciate, you accept. When we accept and appreciate, then automatically you become a remover of obstacles, because you are using all the qualities. So, whatever different obstacles arise; whether in the mind, intellect or externally, one is able to remove them. After being a detached observer, we become remover of obstacles, and then we become what is called ‘detached and lovely’. Baba was very lovely, that we all know, but you cannot be lovely unless you are detached. If you are not detached, then definitely you are affected. If we are detached, we don’t react, so we don’t create more karmic accounts. When our mind keeps reacting, we make comments, and then we think again. This creates karmic accounts, so we have to be very careful. Sometimes we may not react in actions, but through words. Sometimes not even through words, but in our mind, there are a lot of thoughts. So, I practice being in very deep silence with the awareness, “It’s Drama, and I am observing everyone’s part.” Even if you comment on someone’s part, their part won’t change, but something is added in your part, because of your thoughts and words. So, to play an elevated role, I should not be involved in any such thoughts or words. Generally, there is this tendency of commenting and then saying a lot of things about another soul. So, be detached and then also be very lovely. How do we know we are detached? When you are able to be lovely all the time.

We saw Dadi ascending, attaining the stage that Brahma Baba did. Dadi was so detached even from her body. The biggest bondage or obstacle could be from one’s own body. As aging goes on, definitely the body is not the same. Baba mentioned in the murli, “Don’t get fed-up with the body, it’s a valuable body, you can earn income through this body, through remembrance, and also by doing some service.” Service through thoughts, mansa seva, is very important. Also, doing service through words or even karma yoga, as much one can do. So, the body is valuable and you have to take care of the body, not get fed-up with it. Also, don’t get attached to the body, that all the time you are concerned about the body. You shouldn't be concerned, but keep it well as much as you can, but that also, without attachment. Anything you do with attachment, you create another bondage. That is why Baba wants us to be detached from the body and anything connected to the body. For the body, I use the same methods; the power of yoga, silence, the energy of love. All different powers that are spiritual and imperishable will not only keep you detached from all the bondages, but also, you will be loved because of being lovely. Just be detached and give a lot of good wishes, and a lot of blessings. First, you start your love through good wishes, and then through your words, and then interactions. We all have to follow the Dadis and Brahma Baba. I find it very fascinating this month, first with Dadi Gulzar, and now with Dadi Janki that how in practical life, Dadi Janki was able to follow Bapdada.

So, we had a lovely time in Gyan Sarovar for 3 days and now again we are in Shantivan. I must say the flood of Baba’s children has started coming, 10-15000. They need at least 5000 sevadharis for cooking, for serving, for security, for everything. We are expecting a very big crowd including about 350 double foreigners. Everyone is okay, they stay well, and they are so happy. I am sure that you all must be thinking, “Maybe next year, or end of the year.” Let’s remember Baba and see how clearly we contemplate on being detached and lovely.

Om Shanti

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