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Co-operation of serving through mind #24

Elevated_Mind_And_Subtle_Attitude_24 Mohini_Didi. May 24, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is okay, well? When we listen to Baba or Avyakti subtle signals from Baba, it makes us think and have more determination to continue with our efforts. Baba wants us to value the treasure of time, because generally the mind is always influenced by the past and uncertainty about the future. Some people think so far ahead, but what about the present? How do I use the present? Is it always about planning for the future, and what happened in the past? What is the Confluence age about? Baba says that this is auspicious, you’re in the company of God, you’re playing a part with Baba. Whatever you do is multiplied and it keeps growing. So thoughts have a lot to do with the time. For me, it is not the whole year of experience, I only look for a day. I say that today is good, tomorrow will definitely be better. If I think about tomorrow, I am not sure what will be today. It is really subtle when you think about it, why Baba keeps emphasising the value of time, the treasure of time. Baba noticed that very few souls are really at the Confluence age. What’s the importance of the Confluence age? That means you do one, you get ten. So, I should concentrate on doing what I have to do today, this hour or this minute, and not keep reflecting on the past or a lot on the future.

These days we get so much news. So, how to have a proper balance? Whatever I receive as a success or experience is encouraging, because there’s always Maya around and also karmic accounts. When the time for settling comes, nobody can stop it. Sometimes the time, the thoughts, do not connect properly, and then it affects the body. Baba said to keep courage and Baba will help. Courage is important, also do not get disheartened. Don’t think that I couldn’t get this, couldn’t achieve. You have been good until today, and if today is good, then the future will also be good. I always say that you can only climb one step at a time. We take so many steps then we get tired. So, don’t think about if I can make it, just keep taking one step at a time. When there is value of the present time, we take one step and know that many fold returns will come. Baba comes forward many steps but I have to take one step. Without that, Baba won't come forward. The more you think about the treasure of time, the more changes start happening in your thinking. Now, Baba keeps saying that you have to be consistent and natural in serving through thoughts, while serving through the words, and continue the practice of pure feelings and good wishes. When you are talking to someone, be soul-conscious. Whatever you listen to, there is so much influence of every word on you. Actually to avoid being influenced, you hear something, you understand, then you move forward.

Baba is saying that if you want to experience success, your words and thoughts are very powerful. Both will bring success in what you're doing. The success of doing is one thing, but the success of becoming powerful is another attainment. That means your words are becoming more powerful, your thoughts are becoming more powerful. With the mind and intellect, words are your tools to become powerful. If you were doing seva, mansa and words together, transformation must be happening on the timeline. You don't have to make a lot of effort for transformation. Our being in the gathering, in the big family, is helpful. Do not be disheartened because of anything. Baba said that shouldn't happen, because everyone has one’s own nature and they are doing their best. I have to do more with my nature, but we think of others too much. You can use that time and transform yourself, rather than thinking this one is like that, this one did this, this one doesn't do. It is the same when it comes to working, karma yoga, everyone has a duty that has been given. Some don't, and some do very well. So, I do whatever I can do. Energy can really go down, if I only look at those who are not doing properly. It's my energy that is going down. I got the karmayoga, I have to do it. Baba has my record. I am honest. So looking around, observing, noticing, hearing, listening to others all the time, that is a waste of our time and energy. Just be yourself. That's what Baba calls success, then you can never be disheartened. You can achieve whatever you want. Many say, “Then it's my part of duty, it’s my responsibility now.” What did Brahma Baba do? He never went into details, he observed everything. He didn't follow anyone, didn't allow his thoughts to be wasted. He kept doing, kept making effort. I have to be ascending. There is a saying that everyone benefits if you are ascending. You are doing things properly and it brings benefits to everyone. You can set an example, you did it right. So, why does Baba keep saying to value the treasure of time? There could be many reasons, and one is looking at others or thinking about the future. Who knows the future? Baba says the words, ‘suddenly’ and ‘ever-ready.’ So, planning is important, but do not waste time on that. Everything unfolds according to Drama, and whatever unfolds is ok, is the best, right? Okay.

Om Shanti

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