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Close to Perfection #10

Stay_in_Avyakt_Silence_10                Mohini_Didi             January 10, 2024

Om Shanti!

Is everyone okay? Angels have to be okay, right? Angels have to keep oneself okay. We are okay and we are practising to be okay all the time. So, how do we know that we are reaching the stage of perfection? Since the beginning of this year, Baba has given us a big offer and that is, “Give your burdens to Me”. Any kind of concerns, worries, desires, thoughts, doubts, maybe not in the big form, but in a very subtle form, are mixed with the thoughts. Oh, I want to go to Madhuban. So this is the thought. Yeah, Baba will take me to Madhuban. So, I keep that pure thought, not as a burden, not as an unfulfilled desire, but with great love. Yes, Baba will take me. Baba will provide what is needed. It’s Drama, everything is good, beneficial, give those thoughts to yourself. So remove all the burdens, all the time check your thoughts, and if there is a burden, give it to Baba. This way Baba will very actively help you and become your Companion. Dadi Prakashmani used to say that when the thought is pure and elevated and free from desire of the outcome, Baba will fulfil it. It's so interesting about what I want and what I get. What I want may not happen, but Drama will provide something better than what you want. Always remember that Baba and Drama will give you something better than what your thought is. Every step becomes a big surprise, because we leave it to Baba. Baba has to be active. So when the burden is not there, it's easy for light to sparkle more, because burdens could be like clouds. Very bright sun can be covered temporarily by the clouds. Suddenly we're going somewhere and it becomes very grey and dark because of clouds, but the sun is shining behind, right? It is the same as when there are situations or temporarily something happens, always remember the sun is behind and these situations are like clouds. They will disperse very soon and you will see a very bright sun sharing the light with the universe. So you are also light. Now you are double light, look at yourself in soul consciousness as the image of light. Keep the thought that I am an angel. I have an angelic body. I'm an angel. As much as you are disconnecting yourself from the body and the five elements, your relationship is changing, you're not connected in body consciousness but in soul consciousness. All are my family, everyone is part of the family of angels. 

So, how do I know I’m becoming perfect and also close to Baba? If you love father Brahma then become an angel like father Brahma. Let your angelic form of light be constantly visible in front of you. This is what I have to become. Then let your future form also be visible. Angelic features are divine features, angels don't look like human beings. They’re beautiful, they are light, and so that's what Baba means to let your future form also be visible. Like we used to see Sri Krishna, the beauty, smile, everything in Brahma Baba. The future was so visible, everything, whether it was his smile, or walking, everything was very royal, very divine. Let go of your present form and adopt that angelic and divine form. It will then be understood that you are also close to perfection, so beautiful. How do I know that I'm close to perfection? That you are able to see your angelic and divine form. You see the features in the mirror, but we really want to be in that stage. I know some mornings when I go and I see my face, I smile to my own self and I say, “Oh you look so nice, you look so beautiful”, because of angelic and divine form. So, look at your form, create it. In the morning, a few times, do it whenever you can and then naturally it will stay for a longer and longer time. So, then you are an angel and you are going towards perfection, you are very close to Baba, having a meeting with Baba.

 Om Shanti 

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