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Charioteer and A Detached Observer #23

Volcanic_Yoga_23 Mohini_Didi August 23, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Is everyone okay? I was thinking that as the day passes so much happens, and whatever happens, everything is very good. So every night we should thank Baba. Also, you will also see that whatever is happening will be better. Whatever challenges came during the day, it was very good. Baba is saying to not even look at anyone’s sanskar. Baba wants us to not create karmic accounts with anyone. Be mindful of the way you use your thoughts towards someone, it's like currency, negative thoughts are like losing money, losing thoughts. Baba wants our intellect to be very engaged all the time into churning and experiencing and increasing our power of yoga. So, the more the intellect is busy in that, then we share with others, and help others to be sustained. Sustenance is a big subject these days. I always say that the effort that I make and I share becomes sustenance. It’s a lot you know not to even look at someone. I realized that if we accurately follow Baba’s Shrimat, we only follow externally, like principles, listening to Murli, but there is also subtle Shrimat. Like this revised Murli in which Baba is saying that there should be no waste of any kind. If my stage of purity, quality of purity is good, my status will be good in Golden Age. Baba said that Baba has records of everyone as Father, as Teacher, as Sadguru, even as Dharamraj. So why does Baba say to look at anyone, look at Baba, look at Brahma Baba, what he did, how he did it? If we want really to be angelic, to be in the stage of perfection, then we have to follow Baba’s Shrimat accurately. So why should we waste? If you don’t waste money, we don’t waste time then why do we waste our thoughts? If we want our drishti to be completely pure, then we shouldn’t look at anyone’s weakness. Everyone is wonderful, that’s what their part is.

So homework means keeping our mind and intellect busy and also once Dadi Gulzar said that we have to make our efforts entertaining. So every day we are doing something new and entertaining, right? So entertainment is that you’re the charioteer for the chariot of your own body. When we give the first lesson, we tell everyone, but do we really really look at the body as a chariot? We have to use it, we have to take care of it properly, but not have attachment. So this practice will help us to have the right attitude towards the body. If you think too much about the chariot, that is not a detached observer, that means attachment. Brahma Baba took care of his body, There were different ways. I was thinking today, we all know we need exercise, right? Some kind of posture, some kind of movement, we think and we want but we don’t necessarily do it. Brahma Baba, as soon as Murli finished, Baba would walk out of the gate and he would have a long walk. Baba played badminton regularly, so his arms, his upper body was in use, and he really really maintained his health. Even though he had a few little problems, he was well enough to speak Murli every morning. It was respect towards God that he took care of his body properly.

Someone was asking how to be unlimited. I said ‘I and mine’ is a big limit, for the self and also for others. So, while listening to Baba's Murli, we revised from Sunday, every evening one point about purity or whichever the Murli is about. I realised that you have to motivate yourself to follow Baba, otherwise I don't think I can manage. So we take it for granted, but we are not able to implement it, because there is no sincere kind of belief that says, “Yes I can do it and I should do it.” Then Baba helps.

So today's homework for tomorrow is “charioteer and detached observer”. Many times we are observing but are we noticing? If I am only observing, then I won't have thoughts. So, practically, what is it to be a detached observer? It's a very high stage. In Hindi, we call it “Sakshi drashta”, seeing everything but seeing in the awareness, and what should be the awareness? Every one of us has a different awareness. We are seeing the speciality, and we can admire it, but why do we think that this is not right, this should be better? Our intellect always works on that. It's all awareness, and what Baba is teaching us is about our awareness.

So Baba is saying that in order to experience the volcanic stage, Baba says that the flame of constant remembrance always be lit. The easy way to do this is always to move along while considering yourself to be a charioteer and a detached observer. The soul is a charioteer of this chariot, and this awareness easily makes you detached from the chariot and any type of body consciousness and all your physical senses are then under your control. Even the subtle organs of mind, intellect, and sanskars are under your control. So that’s the Shrimat, how to control senses and how to use them, not only control them but also how to use them, where to use them. So we are more into understanding and increasing our ability to know how to use our senses. It's a very very interesting topic, it’s our homework, how do we use our chariot, being a charioteer.

Om Shanti​​


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