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Carefree Emperor #01

Elevated Self-Respect : 1 Mohini Didi June 1, 2023

Om Shanti!

Happy Satguruvaar to everyone and the blessing from Baba is to have the self-respect of a carefree emperor! Take that as Baba's gift, Baba's blessings of self-respect. Are you concerned about something? Do you have some issues? Do you have some complaints? Anyone who is in self-respect of being carefree will say, “Baba is taking care, it's Baba's responsibility, Baba is karankaravanhaar.” Even for my personal life, I take so much help from Baba. So if I am taking so much help, then I have to remind everyone that Baba is with us. It's a very deep relationship with Baba, a very deep connection. Baba says that if we consider something to be mine, you take a lot of care of that, and you feel responsible, but if it is of others, then we don't really take care properly. It's very subtle. Now the awareness is that everything belongs to Baba, Baba's children, Baba's home, Baba's family, everything is Baba's. No one can, for anything, say that this is mine. Baba always says that if you change ‘mine’ to ‘yours’, then there will not be any wasteful thoughts. I am not using the word worry, but wasteful thoughts. Wasteful thoughts are there because of this whole feeling of mine. To be carefree deep within, go deep and then ask yourself, “Why am I thinking like this? Is it because of ‘I and mine’?” So, you change it and say, “It's Baba’s.” Even if I have to do something about it, let that power come from Baba, not from my own reasoning, my own way of doing it. Some say, “But we have to take care.” I say, “Of course, but is it coming from you or it's coming from Baba?”

These are very subtle changes in our awareness to help us to be carefree. If you're taking care and you say, “I took care, I was concerned.” The subtle change is to say Baba takes care, instead of using ‘I’. So, remembrance will increase, the attitude of gratitude will increase, your love for Baba will increase. That's what Baba meant about how at every step we take, our remembrance should increase. This is only possible if I change it from ‘I’ to ‘You’, Baba. You remember Baba, Baba gave you everything for your mind and intellect. You use the knowledge and yoga power that Baba gives. So, internally my joy increases because I am looking at the success as not my success, but it's from Baba. Even though I used something, or I am successful, where did it come from? Baba said to look at everyone's specialty. That specialty had been given to this soul by Baba to take care of Baba's children and Baba’s Yagya. Even if we are doing something well, remember that the signal that is coming, understanding that is coming, the power to do that is coming is not from my inner source, but from Baba. Say this, not just with intellect, but in a true way, feel the deep connection with Baba. Baba said that if you are carefree, you're an embodiment of all attainments. Baba says that there will be nothing that you don't have, you are ignorant, even about what is lacking. Nothing is lacking. So Baba is saying that one who is Carefree constantly will also be seated on Baba's heart throne. Baba’s heart throne is our attainment. We are kings, which means the treasure stores are full, and have all the authority.

I don't think any one of us can say that I am 100 percent carefree. We have to do whatever we have to do, but deeply within, the awareness should be that it's Baba. I am Carefree. Baba said that we have to be light, light in nature, light in sanskars, light in relationship. Light in the sense of letting go. Don't just hold it, hold that heaviness, whether for yourself or for others, or situations. We have to spend a few minutes to make sure you are light. Light in sanskar means not being stubborn about your ideas, your opinions, your ways. I always say that this is what I think, this is what my suggestion is, not that I am right. Baba is saying, “I will make you lovely and detached also.” There are so many attainments with one quality. So, take that blessing, be light and be carefree. You must have heard a lot about Mama. The month of June is Mama's month, and the 24th it's Mama's Day. Just think, if God has given her the name ‘Mama’ and said we should call her Mama, there must have been the quality of a mother. Shiv Baba through the mouth of Brahma gave knowledge, so we are his mouth born progeny, His adopted children. Then Shiv Baba through Brahma Baba chose amongst 300 Baba’s children that Brahma Kumari Saraswati will be playing the role of Mama. She was 23-years-old, and the Dadis were all in their 40s. Very young to be a mother, but as soon as Baba said it, everyone including Nirmal Shanta Dadi, Dadi Prakashmani, everyone called her Mama. So, definitely Baba saw some good quality, and specialties in Mama. Baba would say, “Go to Mama, Mama will help you because Mama will listen.” Even knowing who is right or wrong, you must listen. So, mama had love and because of love, she would listen.

If you don't have love, you keep rejecting, keep saying that this is not right. Listen to a person whatever that person has to say. It's important for that person. Maybe a little correction was needed. If you want Baba's child to be liked, to be happy, to feel that belonging, then you have to be like Mama. If you have to listen for a little longer, it's all right, appreciate that person and then in the end, you will be able to give advice or correction or whatever. I always used to see how Mama served and how much love she had. I personally had a very lovely relationship with Mama and the Brahmin family. I used to be surprised because they were such an age difference. So, it's not the age but the alignment that happens. So, until the end, I can tell more stories, but I was given responsibility to take care of Mama's medical needs. From Delhi, I had medicines and whatever it is, but I also took care of all other aspects too. So, there was a lot of closeness, a lot of love. So we give our respect to Mama for sustaining the Yagya.

Om Shanti

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