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Break Your Relationships of the Consciousness of the Body #4

Become_an_Avyakt_Angel_4 Mohini_Didi April 4, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Okay! We also are having a very good time here. As you all know, we are having an annual meeting of all the main instruments from India, and very few of us from foreign countries. We were able to share some news of what is happening in different countries. If we listen to Baba very carefully, we get some easy methods. Especially how to change the consciousness of the body. Baba says that it’s not the body, it's the consciousness of the body. It is not easy to break that body consciousness. Baba says that to inculcate is easy, and one of the points we can practice through the day is that I am an immortal being. I am an elevated and immortal being. Then have that experience, and stay in that experience. Now this self-respect or this thought is for the self. I am an elevated and immortal soul. This is not for the body. The body is very limited, it has mortality, and a limited life-span. It's the soul that is immortal. So, instead of thinking ‘I am a soul’, when you say, “I am an elevated and immortal soul”, you are disconnecting from the thought of mortality, leaving the body, fear of the body, sickness, temperament, and so many aspects that emerge from time to time. So, why don’t we experiment with it, and everyday listen to Baba. There are a few more days on this topic, and when you listen, you will pick up that method of self-respect, and then you will practice it.

So for today, our homework is creating the awareness of the soul, self elevated and immortal. The body is actually made of five elements. Baba wants us to have the face of an angel. That’s also very good if you have awareness of the self as original qualities or eternal qualities, Baba says that your face will change to an angel. So, yesterday someone came to me and said, “How come Baba, all Dadis, and you all have that spiritual glow or spirituality on the face that we don’t have?” So, Baba is saying that generally your consciousness of the body has changed to the consciousness of the soul, and that will reflect on the face. That means your aura, your light, everything will become very sparkling. When the face is sparkling, it is an angelic face. So, I think that what Baba keeps saying is that you have to use the body. We have to do what we have to do, but while doing it, the awareness is different. The soul is always connected with the body, but it is not the body. Physical name, physical position, everything physical brings body consciousness. Then everything about the soul, it's not the question of temporary, and when it is in our awareness, we see the difference between having body consciousness and having soul consciousness. When I read this, I was reflecting very deeply on it. How to change the consciousness from the body into the soul. It is so interesting when Baba keeps saying that as soon as your relationship with the body breaks, then all other relationships will also end.

I remember in the beginning, practicing a lot about myself as a soul. Then automatically with other people, the relationships change. Once it changes with your own body, it will also change with others. Whenever Baba has to explain as He did through Brahma Baba, either He gives an example of Himself or Brahma Baba or both. So, Baba is saying that Shiv baba takes the body of Brahma Baba. He uses eyes to give drishti, mouth to speak to us, but Baba is using the body. Baba does say it’s ‘My chariot’ but that is also not having any attachment. We notice that Shiv Baba has a lot of love for Brahma Baba. Shiv Baba always gave a lot of support to Brahma Baba, but whenever there was a cough or anything in the body, Baba would become very detached. He doesn’t say, “Oh, this is my body.” Baba knew that Brahma Baba also used to have the power of yoga, and that is why someone said Brahma Baba is number one, because Shiv Baba is using him. Immediately Baba explained, “No, Brahma Baba also has to make effort.” Of course, there is a great help, that help is becoming aware of who is using my body. Like Baba says, “Who am I renting this body to? “ It's a very subtle understanding of how Shiv Baba uses the body of Brahma, and there is no attachment of ‘this is my body.’ Baba is saying while doing actions, have any point of self respect, have the point of free from body consciousness. I think this is the most important because sanskars from the past also emerge when we are doing actions. If we have a particular way to do action, to respond to another’s action, interaction with others, all these are different ways that we can look at the relationship with the body. What is my relationship with the body?

So, that is why Baba says to create the awareness of the embodiment of an angel, and as much as you create, Baba said that removing is difficult, but inculcating is easier. So why don’t we experiment today? What is inculcating? In that inculcation, there definitely will be the experience of being free from the body consciousness. We could make a list of what kind of awareness emerges in my self introduction as a soul and as a body. As a soul, I don’t know what you will add but as a body, my name is this, I belong to this country. The people in my country are all like this. It's like you are talking more from where the body belongs, and that is called awareness of the body. So, it’s a very subtle point, but definitely the first aspect begins with I am a soul. I am peaceful. I am immortal. I am Baba’s child. Of course, then we say that I am not the body. I am playing a part through this body. So, you have to use this body. The soul cannot do anything without the body. So we have that role, that respect and love for the body, but not the awareness. Forget completely that I am a body. Baba says, “What will show on your face?” Your whole body will reflect the body of an angel. I think we should practice, experiment, and I am sure that while speaking and reading Baba’s Avyakt points, I do feel that we can experience very easily.

Om Shanti

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