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Be a karma yogi #1

Updated: Jun 25

Be_a_Karma_Yogi_1               Mohini_Didi                   June 1, 2024

Om Shanti, Everyone! 

Briefly, what Mama was saying is that people say that we cannot leave our family, we have to do our duties, we have to take care of our family. So, what Mama is saying, “Are you able to take care of your family? When it comes to children, or when a woman becomes a widow or a husband is left alone, are you able to do anything? No, you cannot, right? When you come to Baba, you are able to make family bring family together, you are able to serve them better. So, becoming Raj Yogi is not to leave family but to take care of family in a better way, and it's a very nice way that she is explaining. People feel that when you come to Baba, then you are not taking care of family, and she says that you are taking care of family in a better way. Understanding of karma, doing elevated karmas actually makes family life better. Now our homework for tomorrow is to be a karma yogi, but in incorporeal soul conscious form. Since I read this, I had been thinking that it means we have to work on our awareness or consciousness, and then do actions. It’s not while doing actions that I try to create incorporeal form. You can’t do it, you have to concentrate. Whatever you’re doing in the action, whatever action you do requires concentration, but before that, before starting, I can create a good stage, remain in the form of awareness, and you keep doing your actions. I don’t know how many of you checked and reminded yourselves that whatever I’m doing, am I doing this in remembrance of Baba? Am I in the right awareness? So, I think that requires a lot of reflection and also experimenting. Try to see, “Okay, am I in my soul conscious stage? So there are two words: one is bodiless stage, the other is soul conscious stage. In bodiless stage, you cannot do anything, you’re just sitting, experiencing the soul separate from the body, but the other is soul, conscious. In the beginning we used to practice a lot, I am a soul using my hands. I am a soul walking with my feet. So, the soul is connecting and using each part of the body. You understand the difference; one is that I am separating from the body, bodiless stage. The other is that I am connecting with the body and doing actions. That is what Baba is talking about: that in soul consciousness, we do actions. I am a soul now with my mouth speaking, I, the  soul, now with the eyes, I am seeing each one of you. It is like soul consciousness in action. 

So, Baba wants us to stay in that karma yogi stage. That means you are in that stage doing actions and the way Baba is saying, in the suffering of karma, there is some karma settling that happens. A karma yogi cannot be influenced by good or bad karma. The name karma yogi proves that you are the one who performs actions while being stable in incorporeal, soul conscious form. So that means that I am a soul doing it. The awareness is that I am a yogi soul doing karma. So, Baba says that just as you cannot stay without performing actions for even one second, in the same way, you cannot stay without remembrance. It is very interesting the way Baba is explaining. Tomorrow we can explore, practice and see how much we remember. I am a soul doing this, I am a soul using this body in soul consciousness doing actions, because body is there with the soul. So the soul is in right awareness, and body is in action. So tomorrow we can pay attention and practice. 

Om Shanti

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