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Being Beyond and A Detached Observer #9

Transformation_Of_Old Sanskars_9 Mohini Didi November 9, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

I am speaking to all of you from Shantivan, Saraswati Bhavan. Senior brother Brijmohan bhai, lives on the main floor. I am upstairs. He showed me that he had added a name from Saraswati Bhavan to Mateshvari Saraswati Bhavan, that means Momma. It’s beautiful and everything is really wonderful. Weather is very good, it’s not cold, it’s not too warm, and all of you know that everything is very clean now. Baba’s homes are always very clean and the feelings of joy, contentment, just the Golden Aged feelings, so it’s wonderful. Baba said that contentment is important. He had been talking about contentment, and we know that contentment brings cheerfulness. When we are cheerful we are always very sweet, soft, and gentle. Today, Baba is saying that it’s easy to be content, but to make everyone content takes a lot of effort. So, Baba said it might not be easy or maybe you could not achieve it, but you don’t get influenced by the one who does not have contentment. When they keep talking about any situation in a doubtful way, some are affected. Those who are listening start thinking the same way, and that influence also creates doubts in their minds. So, we have to be careful and always have a lot of good wishes and pure feelings for those who don't have contentment. Just be careful that you don’t get influenced.

Yesterday’s homework was so interesting. Change ‘I’ into BapDada. Many practices, Baba gives us everyday, Avyakti signals, Avyakti directions in other ways. So, what is for tomorrow is also very beautiful, beyond and detached observer. So with beyond, the Hindi word is ‘upram’ and detached observer is ‘sakshi’. Every moment, our eyes are open, our ears are open, our mouth is open, so we see things, we also speak, we also hear. You can’t really close your eyes to a situation. Once Baba gave an example of a pigeon and that a cat is about to come. So the pigeon closed his eyes and pretended that there was no cat around. So after a few moments, the cat comes and takes away the pigeon and swallows. So, we cannot close our eyes to whatever it is around us, but with knowledge, understanding, Baba has given us the third eye, the eye of knowledge. So if we see, one is if you see you cannot avoid, other is taking interest and third is getting involved. We take a lot of interest, we want to know more and more about what happened, “Who said that? Why did they say that? So many details. Then it’s like interest, and then we get involved. Now, if there is knowledge, I am using the eye of knowledge, every actor has their own part to play, everyone has their understanding. This drama is accurate. Everyone has attributes or characteristics according to their part. So use the points of knowledge while seeing every scene of Drama.

So when we are in the pause we get to reflect that I am seeing everything as a detached observer, and I am detached and observing based on knowledge. I am not closing my eyes, I am not ignoring, I am not saying this scene of drama does not exist, I don’t agree but you are just seeing it as a scene of drama. Sometimes when listening, we even know that it’s a real situation, but also it’s a scene of Drama. Every scene passes, it doesn't stay forever, so I should be detached, detached from the past. Detached means sometimes a scene has passed and I am still thinking about it, “This one shouldn’t have done that. This shouldn’t have happened, this is not accurate.” So Baba is talking about wasteful thoughts. Not only that, but we should know everything. If I am taking something in and that is not observed but absorbed, whatever I am taking in is influencing my power to discern. A lot of things affect our power to discern, and that is not good. Then this also affects whatever way I analyze, whatever way I interpret, the way I see things. When there are waste thoughts, that means we won’t pass with honors. It is ordained in Drama, and whatever is happening, I should be detached. When I am hearing scenes, I am speaking, that means there is a certain response internally, maybe externally I need to say something. Recently, I noticed that when you see someone and you are kind of surprised, the words you speak are the right words but also may not be relevant at that time. So how am I taking in, but also how I am responding to every scene of Drama? Let’s connect it with the transformation of sanskars and nature. Somewhere the sanskar emerges, and when sanskars emerge, it is directly connected with all our senses. I am seeing, I am hearing, then I speak, and Baba wants us to be careful not to create some karmic account, or it might not be very inspiring, even if it is right.

So I think this sakshi stage is a very high stage. You are watching Drama, but while observing Drama, it’s ordained, displaying, but what I have to ordain now is very important. If I am reacting, I am ordaining that, if I am very elevated in my drishti, my words, then I ordain that part for me. So, it is ordained, but it is also being ordained based on my present response. So the part I would want to play is being ordained now. It’s like recording is happening now, new recording, old is playing and you are being recorded, do you understand? Old is playing but my response is the new recording. Some of you might say that it is ordained, but you also have an opportunity. Don’t lose that opportunity by thinking ‘anyway it is ordained’. When it is past one minute, before what I did is past, whatever it was, it is ordained. The only way, if you feel you want to clear it is to have very powerful good wishes and create such vibrations. That part you can still ordain in you by doing that.

So there are many aspects of being a detached observer. It’s a very elevated stage where you see everything but not see, you hear everything but you don’t hear. Not only evil, we don’t do evil, but it’s a control, not by force, but with principle. They use the words which are very good ‘sanyam, niyam’. Sanyam is like I have control of the sense organs. So, today keep in mind to observe that if I am not a detached observer, sanskars will emerge and then we again make sanskars stronger than before. If my responses are different, based on knowledge, then also you are creating sanskars but you are transformed, very subtle. It’s like attitude, attitude is very subtle, but it is so obvious. Something you decided and you know, based on the attitude of that person, others can feel that. So, the same is with observing or absorbing. So, this is a good point to understand more, practice, and after practice, different understanding will come. So you all can do that and again it's lovely to meet all of you and see you again tomorrow.

Om Shanti

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