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Become Humble, Not Delicate #5

Contruct_the_New_World_5 Mohini_Didi July 5, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone is okay, everyone is well? Avyakti Parivar, everyone is okay? A sign of a good student is to do homework. When a student comes home, or a child comes home, the first thing parents will ask is, “How much homework did you get? Have you finished your homework?” So, Baba also keeps reminding us, keeps asking us, are you doing the homework? Should I ask you to raise your hands? To please Baba, how much effort is put in, to select the points Avyakti Signal per day? They search the Murli, they search the topic, then they have to post it, and we have to get it. Baba is investing in all of us. We have to be worthy of being a good child and a good student. I'm sure each one of you can ask your own heart. Baba is pleased with me not because of service but because I am a good student. Transformation can only happen if daily I add something to my awareness. So, it's a different attitude, different awareness every day, and actually, it is every hour. Otherwise, it’s the same attitude, same behaviours, same reactions, same feelings on the face. Not much changes because of lack of doing homework, homework is the practice. That practice and awareness is what makes us, not only stable, but we are moving forward. Just to be okay is not enough these days, but we are constantly moving forward, progressing every day. Like in the clock, every moment is a different moment, scenes of Drama are all different every time. So we cannot be the same. If we are the same, then it could be difficult, it could be an obstacle, it could be something or other. If you do not practice regularly, it doesn't become our habit or sanskar.

So this morning, I was realising how important it is to be an obedient child and a student to start the day, Amritvela with the homework practice. This is respect to Baba, our Teacher, and the effort they make for us that we should get our homework. As much as we think of what I have to do as homework, there is natural love, respect, and remembrance of Baba in the heart the whole day. You don't have to make much effort, just stay in that practice that is homework. Then every day, in the evening, we revise, we listen, we reflect. You would have had many big and small experiences during the day because I maintained what Baba asked, that stage. Then all the scenes of Drama are proved to be beneficial. My faith in Drama and trust in Baba keeps increasing every moment. One time Brahma Baba was sitting with us, and we were many good teachers, and Baba asked us, “What's your percentage of faith?” So we said, “One hundred percent”, because we thought if we have renounced, if we have come, it can't be less, right? Baba said, “No.” So I said, “Okay, how much?” Baba said, “It's 70 percent.” We start thinking, like if you are careless, if you are not doing the maximum kind of attentive effort, and there are a lot of waste thoughts. Then we have 40 percent that day. Baba said that it is wastage. Why so that much? Why so many thoughts? There are certain things that are very clear factually, truly, according to Drama, that just keep moving on. Full stop doesn't mean stop, right? Full stop means what is next? Some think full stop means full stop, stop fully. No, change it, next, what is next, keep moving forward.

Today Baba said in the Murli that if you are using every thought in a worthwhile way, success is your birthright, you will be successful. Some say we are successful anyway. Baba says that no, there are two things: one is to use every thought in a worthwhile way, and then to use the blessings of success from Baba. So, then you are constantly successful which I think is very important. Be humble, not delicate. Delicate people are very sensitive. If you have to say something, you have to think 10 times because you don't know what could be the reaction. That's called delicate. The majority of souls are delicate. Why? Because quickly reaction comes, disappointment comes, frustration could come, and lack of security. If there is 100% faith in Baba, like let's say I'm doing some service. There is someone who starts doing it. I said that it is good, but some might feel, “But then what about me?” I know Baba is going to give me a higher one. That means my whole life, I knew that what was next will be bigger. However, I have to let go of what I'm doing, I have to leave it. Also, I always feel that the more people do, the more they learn. So, it's like making others like me, that trust in others. So, Baba said not to be delicate, whatever kind of circumstances come, stay positive, find the answers, right solutions, and constantly be successful. So, that's our homework for tomorrow.

Om Shanti

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