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Become full of all powers #29

Embodiment_of_Success_29 Mohini_Didi October 29, 2023

Om Shanti!

Is everyone okay? So nice to be in Shantivan! Every day, more and more, a few thousand souls are coming, and we are about 11,000 today. I came to know this because when they cook food, they know the numbers. 11,000, doesn't feel very full but by the day of Baba, there are 14,000, plus 3-4,000 who live in Shantivan at their homes. They call it a BK colony. Then Shantivan, Pandav Bhavan, and Gyan Sarovar niwasis. If everyone comes, there will be 20,000 Baba’s children. Double foreigners all can come whether old or new, but for Bharatwasis only the new ones can come every time because of accommodations. Well, it's all Baba, Baba’s Yagya, and the unlimited family.

So, Baba is talking about using all the powers, and using all the treasures. That means we received, but we have to use. The first important power I used to think of is ‘Purity’ and then ‘Knowledge’, but then even when it comes to purity, if you don't have knowledge of the soul, original self, eternal self, then I can't have purity. Baba keeps us aware of all our treasures. Now one is to have treasures, and the other is to use them, also in a worthwhile way. This whole month we were listening, talking, and churning. So today's power is the ‘Power of Knowledge’. “Constantly continue to use the treasure of knowledge in a worthwhile way and you will become so sensible in the future that you will not have to take advice from any advisers”. These days we find an administration whether at centres or in the Yagya. Before it used to be one national coordinator, but now we have teams everywhere. So one is advice, that you listen to that person and then you decide, but one is inclusiveness, to make everyone feel as part of the administration, or whatever we decide. So Baba is saying that you yourself will be sensible, and you will continue to rule the future of the kingdom or fortune of the kingdom. Baba says to use the treasure of all the powers in a worthwhile way, then knowledge changes into all the powers. We can easily tolerate many things because of knowledge. If there is no knowledge in the world, there's no tolerance. They call it zero tolerance. So animosity, jealousy, revenge, anger, souls are really really full with that because they don't have the ‘treasure of knowledge’. If they had knowledge, knowledge about karmas, knowledge about Drama, then whatever is happening would not have been happening. There is so much hatred and long term revenge. So Baba is saying to use the treasure of all the powers in a worthwhile way, use them for an elevated task, and you will become full of all the powers.

Baba is saying that you will not lack any powers in the future kingdom. All powers will automatically give the experience of success at all times and in all tasks. What is that experience? Constant, guaranteed and free from obstacles. So, how do I know that I'm using powers in a worthwhile way, or that I have all the powers? Baba says that whatever powers you have used in a worthwhile way are your powers. So if you know you have used them, then what will it be? Consistent, guaranteed and free from obstacles. So knowledge we change into powers and then knowledge also we use it in virtues. So all the powers, all the virtues are based on knowledge, because knowledge brings purity, soul consciousness. Then from purity, we have all the other powers. So use the powers, not just have them, use them in a worthwhile way.

Om Shanti

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