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Become fast in effort for the self #9

Elevated_mind_and_Subtle_Attitude_9 Mohini_Didi May 9, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

So lovely to see all of you everyday. Everyone looks so full, so much absorbed in learning and attaining your eternal stage. Baba wants us to make fast effort. Many people ask, “What is fast effort?” Baba wants that awareness to always be in the emerged form. It is not just about thinking that I am a peaceful, loveful soul, but I actually have to be in my original stage. Baba says that there is a difference between embodiment of thinking and embodiment of awareness. Sochna (thinking) and smriti (awareness). Today, I was listening to Avyakti BapDada Murlis of 1970. That awareness emerges the right kind of sanskars. Baba gave the example that there are two kinds of evil spirits, one is souls entering into the body of other souls, but the second is the sudden overpowering of a sanskar from the past. Either it is a desire, sometimes old frustration, anger, sometimes you start remembering the past all the time. Now that’s what Baba also is calling evil spirit. What Baba is saying is that on the basis of awareness, the quality of sanskar will emerge. Baba is calling this the power of awareness. So what do I want? What kind of sanskar should emerge? The attention we all need to pay again and again is to be the embodiment of awareness.

Don’t complain that this or that happened. See what kind of sanskars emerge. Always remember how many good things have happened to you. I was given help, I was protected, all good things happened in your life. Even though there were some difficult situations, you learned from those difficult situations. You became mature, you became more sensible, you gained a lot of experience. Generally we say to be positive, think positive, but always think about how people have been so good to you. Everywhere you went, you received so much love. Your thinking, energy, and power of love is because of your experience of love. Some always think of what didn’t go right for them, or how people didn’t cooperate. I went there but I was not given that respect. So why should we remember the things that we didn’t like? Generally, you should remember what you like. At least I should keep underlining the positive and don't allow any kind of awareness from past memories that are not good, because life is always like that. When there is darkness, you just turn on the light. Sometimes it does happen in life that you are settling some karmic accounts, but how do I make the best of that. Even if the body is not well, see how nicely doctors took care of it. How much the family cared has for me. You can think of those things that can bring happiness to you. I am saying it because it is very important for all of us.

That is what I liked yesterday when Baba said that you have to be knowledgeable and powerful. Be knowledgeful in the sense that past is past, some settling had to happen, but what should I remember? Awareness is like remembrance. Focus on what gives me powers, and when you have all the powers, that is fast effort. Even if you say that it is Maya, Baba says that we should not have questions like, ”Why did this happen? Why this is happening? Why this is not happening?” Don’t think like this all the time. Instead you should be saying, “I am so fortunate, Baba came into my life, I am so fortunate to have such beautiful and lovely family.” So, always of think about creating the awareness of all the best you have in life. Make sure you write down all these points.

Baba comes and tells us so many good things. You were deities, you are fortunate, you are at the Confluence Age. Your life is most valuable. Keep thinking like that, feel that. This is how you create awareness and then the sanskars will emerge in you of joy happiness, love,and belonging. All good sanskars emerge because we have those sanskars in us. If you keep thinking about what didn’t go well, or nobody loves me or I was not treated well. What kind of sanskars emerge? That of sorrow, and weakness. Somewhere that shift in thinking is needed. How you think makes life completely different. The homework that Baba is giving us is also very good. Make fast effort and from there, your image, your attitude, your drishti, everything will change.

Baba talks about transformation in the habit of thinking. Immediately change it, because all that emerges, all that experiencing, feeling, will again become a sanskar. Then again you will think. So, why not just change it at that time? When you change your thoughts, awareness will change, and then everything around you changes. Baba says that even if someone comes with distress, let them go back very happy.

So fast effort means to transform quickly in the moment. Yesterday, Baba said,”let knowledge be in the intellect, only talk about knowledge, be knowledgeable and powerful.” That is called fast effort. So with determination, love for Baba, keeping our aim of becoming world servers, we can bring transformation, and have many beautiful experiences by becoming the embodiment of awareness of my original self.

Om Shanti!

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