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Be A Checker And Also A Maker #5

Increase_Account_of_Accumulation_5 Mohini_Didi March 5, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Lovely to see each one of you! When it's a spiritual relationship, the spiritual family brings a lot of joy, right? Baba is talking about the saving scheme, how to keep accumulating our treasure stores. So, the practice is that when you keep saying “this is mine, this is mine, this is mine”, you have been losing it. You lose everything. It is limited to whatever you give, you give. It's not necessary that what you give, you receive. Generally, this is said of giving and receiving, but at the Confluence Age, when we say everything belongs to Baba, and then we give, it multiplies many folds. It’s so interesting, right? It is mine, it is mine, it is mine, but still you give to someone. Baba says that it won’t multiply. It is yours you are giving, and when it is yours, you are giving, then even if you get, you get one to one. It won't be unlimited. We say, “Baba, it belongs to you, it is yours”. As much as we, through our awareness, transfer everything from mine to Baba. Actually, then what happens is spending also is saving. Whatever you give will be also yours, plus Baba will multiply and give you. So, Baba says that even if you give to others, it will multiply. Brahma Baba surrendered everything. It was a lot but still limited. Baba said, “Baba, Shiv Baba, everything, now is yours.” So, not only did Baba use it for service to humanity, but his treasure store kept increasing. It is 87 years now. Whatever Brahma Baba and other families together surrendered for the yagya, it is continuing until now. It keeps growing and growing. Children are born and they want to be more and more cooperative. Souls also want to be cooperative, they want to give to Baba, they want to do Baba’s task.

Today, we have fifteen thousand-twenty thousand children at Baba's home. They each have a mattress to sleep on. Practically, we see how everything is growing. So, what Baba is saying is that first we change the awareness from mine to yours, and then we give. As much as we give now at the Confluence Age, there is multiple increase in that giving. We, of course, have to share amongst ourselves also. So, you give one, and Baba is saying that you get multi-million fold. It’s so interesting, right? So, it's not that we want money, but the power that Baba gives, the help the Baba gives, from one to multiple. Baba says that actually one step, step in Hindi is called ‘kadam’, and many many fold, ‘padam' means billion times. Now, we are not thinking about thoughts, words, and actions, but we are thinking about remembrance. When your remembrance becomes multi-millionfold, and that has been accumulated, if you have power, then thoughts will be powerful. Words will be powerful. Actions will be powerful. So, let us be more and more in the remembrance of Baba. Then our thoughts, whatever you think, in a practical way, you go in front of Baba, and then whatever you speak, you are not speaking, it’s Baba.

So, tomorrow our practice will be that you have multiple, and you will add now by changing consciousness. Baba, everything belongs to you. Not only does consciousness become unlimited, but everything we want to use it for, Baba’s task, multiplies. So, I really like it very much, because you can keep doing it. No one says, “Oh I used to do with wealth, now I can't do anything.” I think your capacity to give continues. So, padam (multiple), everything of ours, becomes multiple. It's a very simple practice. Changing mine into yours accumulates unlimited treasures. So, it’s such a beautiful way, I am not giving, It’s Baba’s. Baba is giving, and I think we all will have a beautiful experience once we are stable. Once everything belongs to Baba, it multiplies.

Om Shanti


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