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BapDada’s direction #26

Give_Blessings_Receive_Blessings_26 Mohini_Didi November 26, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everything okay, everyone okay? It must really be a blessing that each one of you remains okay and you come and be part of Avyakti Parivar. So, congratulations for that! I see you everyday, and I was talking to one brother who said that he really had never missed a day. Everyday he listens and I was thinking about how Baba has made this as a way to sustain, especially those who are far away, there is no center near, or they couldn't go to the center. So it’s Baba's plan for all of us. In the Murli, Baba is saying that happiness comes from cooperation, because one is to do what I have to do. The other is that I always feel there is this whole God's task and I am one of the arms. I am one of the ones who cooperate in whatever way we can, but we do something. Baba uses two words ‘yog and sahyog’ because you gave some cooperation and construction of Diamond Hall, so that at the inauguration you all are very happy because of your cooperation. I always say that everyone can do what they want, but whatever is going on, we need to cooperate so that it can be accomplished. If we sit back and do not cooperate, if we feel they need help in a physical way, or they will need some help with money or our presence, we have to see and give that cooperation.

The first and foremost of Baba’s directions is, ‘to conquer lust’. We need to be pure and conquer lust, because in the world, creation is through lust, and Baba's creation is through conquering lust. God gives knowledge. So, we are born through knowledge, and in knowledge, the first quality is purity, whether it is for understanding of knowledge, for practice of knowledge, becoming embodiment of knowledge, all that requires purity. So, Baba is giving us good marks. The majority of you have passed in following this direction. Most of us immediately love the concept of purity, however, half of you fail in a second subject of anger, 50% Baba says. Many of you say that you don't become angry, but that you sometimes have to be a little bossy. Therefore this is disobedience, and children who are disobedient cannot receive blessings. So we pay attention, because especially these days, there is so much bitterness in the world, so much conflict. People fight for little things, so they haven't experienced real love and sweetness. So, when they come to Baba’s home and when they meet us, they should experience God's love and sweetness and honesty, patience, some of the qualities which are not common. When they experience that, it will be easy for them not only to feel closer to Baba and Baba's family, but also experience where they themselves are inspired that they can also be like that.

I remember in the beginning, when we started going to the centres, the Dadis were so loving. I think most of us have that experience because of love. There was no bossiness or ego. We talk while in the awareness of being an instrument, being humble like Baba. These two qualities are very very important. Lust is not a problem now, but there are desires, so check if we have any subtle desires. For example, I wish it could be like that, I wish I could play that role. It is very subtle, but they dominate the mind. Then our thoughts are really based on those desires and when they are not fulfilled, there is the feeling of lack of justice or fairness, so then anger comes. When there is a lack of trust or something, our mind just goes and finds some of the reasons to get upset or to remain upset. There are some for years and years they remain upset, and one of the reasons was that whatever they thought, whatever desires they had, it couldn't be fulfilled. Actually, if your desire or your thought is pure, Baba will fulfil it. It will happen according to Drama and you feel good. Baba will give to you, but everything has its own time, it doesn't happen earlier or later. So have patience, have trust, and then your desires, if they are valid, if you deserve, then definitely desires are fulfilled. Baba said, “No more anger.” That's considered to be disobedience and disqualifies you for receiving blessings from Baba. So pay attention to settle anger.

Om Shanti


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