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Attitude of unlimited disinterest #7

Elevated_Mind_and_Subtle_Attitude_7 Mohini_Didi May 7, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Baba loves all of you because of your constant presence and doing the homework. Baba is very well pleased with us, and of course, our Dadis must be very happy to look at all of us being together also. We can see our lines of fortune on the forehead, and it's so powerful. The first line of fortune is God's sustenance. There is a beautiful song “Palanhar - God is the One who sustains the whole world.” We have heard this before, but now at the Confluence Age, we experience it. Baba creates an unlimited family, unlimited Yagya ,and from the very beginning, I got sustenance from Sakar Baba for about 11 years. I did not stay all the time in Madhuban, but I did go there to spend a little time, then I returned back to the center, because I was still a student at that time. I never had a desire to get a position or anything else in the Yagya. When I was in Shantivan, we were thinking we never had to ask for anything. Whatever was the need before, you will think it and you will get it, because it's your need, it's not desire. Actually we can think a lot about the contrast between need and desire, because need can keep increasing and can become greedy. When it's a true need and you get it, and there is contentment. So, look at yourself and you will know, “Do I still have desires or do I have contentment? Is there greed or contentment?’ There is a very clear way to know if it is greed. For example, you will take more and justify it by saying “Let me keep it, I don't know if I will get it in the future, I will keep it for emergencies.” There is little or no trust in God and in His sustenance. Knowing that Baba will provide, Baba will take care. The more you trust God, the more He fills your apron, but if you have desires and I don't trust, then you might never have enough.

There is a very deep connection between our Avyakti signal and Murli. The first line is, “Fortune of God’s sustenance where my all needs are being fulfilled”. Baba says, the atmosphere in the world is one of greed and desires. So, souls are very distressed because of desires. Sometimes people like to eat something, so they eat as much as they can, then they say, “Oh I want to eat this tomorrow again.” So they wrap it in foil paper, take it in a container to their room to eat tomorrow. It is better to eat as much as I can eat, then just be detached. Having a lot but still being distressed is because of greed or desire. They say that most fortunate people get a higher education whether their parents can pay for it, or they themselves claim a scholarship, or they will work and study. Education is for your whole life, it's useful until the end of life. That education could be a talent, a skill, it could be very useful.

What God teaches us is the highest education. Every Murli that we hear there is so much wisdom, makes us sensible, deeply within us, it brings a lot of fulfilment. Baba is teaching us, this is the third elevated line of fortune. Baba’s directions, advice, most elevated advice is our fortune. Anyone can guide you up to a certain extent, and then they say, “Oh, you decide.” Baba gives us Shrimat at every step on how to use our time, our thoughts, and how to use our body. What to do about bondages and relationships? How much we understand, how much we do, depends on our intellect, but definitely He gives. Baba’s sustenance is all attainments. If there is greed or desire, then even Baba’s children can make mistakes.

I always say that whatever you have to do, do it within limits. Be satisfied with your quota. If you are eating salt or sugar or anything, eat like Dadi Janki. She used to say to eat everything but just a little bit. Too much of anything and one day your body will reject it, get some sickness and then the doctor will say that you cannot eat it. I remember some souls, they had accumulated a lot of things and they got very distressed about what to do with that. So, he stopped accepting more things from others. There is a saying that whatever extra you have, you should do elevated actions by giving to others, and those who use them, will give you blessings. Even for little things, if people get it at the right time and they use it, they give blessings to you, but if you hoard it, you don't give and when you leave your body, then others start giving, it will be different. I've seen so many examples come in front of me of some who never kept anything extra and then there are some who kept more and more. I see both of them when they leave, then we become caretakers too.

So, that is why they said “unlimited distaste”, then you remain happy, content, free from desires, no greed. Baba is saying that when there is unlimited distaste, there is happiness, power, and peace. One atmosphere is that we want, we want, we want. We have to change that atmosphere into “we have everything”. We have, we don't want, it's like unlimited distaste. I always tell everyone, all the souls around me, not to want anything, everyone has contentment and they feel they have more than enough. In other words, they are experiencing the sustenance of God. Since childhood, I used to say, “Why should I ask God for anything, because He had a plan for me and He will give what I need, and that will be better than what I would ask for.” He is my Father. I saw how Brahma Baba, at various times, would call me and say, “Baba has kept this for you, you use it.” It is the same experience with Sakar Baba and Avyakt BapDada. He appreciated our unlimited distaste. So why do we need to have desires? So from today everyone should ask themselves, ”Am I free from desire? Do I have unlimited distaste?” Do I feel the Father’s sustenance and all the attainments we have? Check all that, then you will be peaceful, happy, and help to change the atmosphere of the world, make it peaceful and happy, no distress.

Om Shanti

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