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As Soon As You Have The Thought Become A Form Of It #22

Determined_Thought_22 Mohini_Didi February 22, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Momma always used to say as soon as you become aware or have awareness of something, you should become the embodiment, smriti, and then swaroop. I think that if you think in body consciousness or you get a thought that someone said something that humiliated you, it’s very visible on the face. If you’re upset about something, you’ll find it comes on your face. So, there is a saying that the face is the index of the mind. Whatever is in your thoughts appears in your form or your image. So when Baba comes, He gives us the introduction that you are a soul, you are a point of light. Yesterday's homework was to only look at the jewel, only the sparkling light in the center of the forehead. One of the biggest obstacles is that we are not able to use a full stop. We are not able to let go of the past. The past is so well recorded in us, that those thoughts from the past keep emerging. So then how can the present awareness change into the form? Whenever I have contact with souls, I find their biggest difficulty is to overcome the feelings of the past. Actually, now is the time, as Momma also said, to just use a full stop. You will be surprised that these days even a little bit of influence on the attitude is so visible, the vibrations of that, the souls will immediately know. That is why these days honesty and truth, humility and sweetness is very important. Any subtle thought you have about a soul, about what you will do, souls catch it, and I’m surprised that not only seeing us or talking to us, but even on the phone. I went somewhere and this lady said, “Oh, you have someone at reception and she seems to be a good yogi.” So I said, “How do you know on the telephone? She said, “I can understand, I can feel it whether she is yogi or not.”

So I thought that we have to be so transparent now. Sometimes it does happen that we have a new instrument, or some souls come and say that she’s like this, she should improve. So I said, “Yeah we all are aware, but everything will happen with time.” We are not perfect. So even as instruments, we are humble and we immediately say, “Yeah, I need to improve, I need to change.” They feel good that you also consider yourself to be an effort maker. So there is a gap between the students and the instrument. There should be a gap between the efforts, but not on the status. Someone told me yesterday that after about 45 years, we liked one of the things that when we came to the center, at that time, we did not have chairs. So this couple came and sat on the floor, and I also went and sat on the floor with them. So that left some good feelings in them that you did not sit up. I said that when I came to meet Brahma Baba in History hall on the floor, there were two cushions. Baba came and Momma, they both sat on those cushions and started giving drishti to me. It was so interesting to see God on the same level. These days, when any spiritual leader goes anywhere they carry their throne, they carry whatever kind of chair they will use. When we belong to Baba, then there is humility. Baba always sat with us. If he was sitting for the class, then he would sit on the gaddi, but if he had to meet, he would never sit up. Of course, then came sofas and chairs like in History hall, so then we have the option of sitting on sofas. So what I am saying that humility and honesty is very important.

I don’t know how it happens, any thought you have, that thought reaches others immediately. So be very transparent, and it becomes very easy then, otherwise we have to give an explanation, we have to prove ourselves to be right. I have learnt with time that if we remain transparent, then everyone respects you. Once you have not been straight or honest, as soon as they find out, their bhavana, their feelings, their faith in us is lost. These days, it is very important to have trust in people. If there is a lack of trust, you won’t be successful. Let there be total trust of the students with the instrument. When we listen to someone’s experience of the spiritual journey, every soul goes to different experiences, then listen very carefully, but also be very detached that our feelings are of love, of compassion, sympathy, support. As if we are accepting, we agree that whatever person is saying is true. Every story is not ever from one person, if two are involved, both will tell different stories. What I have to do with that story is nothing. I just need to see what that soul requires, what she has left the throne of, to make her realize that everything depends on my self-respect. Then what others do or say, really doesn’t disturb. Dadi Prakashmani used to tell us to claim any status, especially to become an idol image, first they have to create that from stone. They have to carve, make it beautiful, decorate it, and then they invoke life in that idol.

One time I was invited to the opening of a temple. They had to install all these idols, 24 hours of prayers, and they had invited hundreds of priests from India and all over the world. When the invocation has happened properly in the idol, that means they are invoking life. So that means that the idol will listen to you and fulfill your desires. If not, then less devotees will go, otherwise that becomes a personal god, and personal gods fulfill all your desires. The same happens with all of us also. I have to become an image, and the blessings from others are like invoking life in me. Oh you’re so great, you’re so humble, you’re so pure, you’re so divine. These are the words of invocation. You need to fulfill promises, not just determination, it is the capacity that even with a few words you will say, they believe you, total trust and thinking that now it will be okay. So, it’s very interesting how not only awareness but attitude, drishti, everything should be so real that you appear real too. As much as we are real, we are royal, and that much respect others will have.

Om Shanti

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