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As much detached as you are loving #10

Elevated_Mind_And_Subtle_Attitude_10 Mohini_Didi May 10, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Okay, well? Yes, lovely to see all of you and meet all of you. Baba has given us Avyakti Parivar so that we can meet as a family everyday for clarification, understanding and then to do it in practical. We go deep into every aspect of knowledge and I've been connecting unlimited distaste and being detached and loving. If I do not have unlimited distaste, I cannot be detached and lovely. That means deeply within there could be many different ways to look at it. When there is an aim in life then I need to have a good chart. I want you to be in a stable stage or as Baba said, one stage, and not fluctuate. I look for certain dharnas to practice so that I am able to be in that stable stage. That means I should be free from the waste, no interest in any negativity or waste. So when I have no interest, I will remain detached, and when I remain detached, I will be lovely. I start seeing the connection between unlimited distaste and being detached and lovely. Detachment is the foundation, it's not temporary, but very natural in us. There is no desire or longing for anything. Brahma Baba had interest in everything, but distaste. Baba loved nature, he loved fruits, cows, birds, everything. Baba loved because it is important to be loving, that's where nurturing happens, and that is when I can serve properly.

Baba used to get some good fruits. Some of you must have seen red bananas. They only come from Bombay, very nice, they are big and also small sized. When Baba gets special mangoes and bananas, he would display them in such a decorated way. There was a time they used to hang bananas, because if you put it flat it gets dark spots. He would check the mangoes everyday and when they were ripe, they could be distributed. We look at Baba's loving way of taking care of these mangoes. So there is distaste and interest. If you are not interested in anything, you will lose your enthusiasm. We need to have interest, both for the sustenance of the soul and sustenance of the body. So this makes us lovely. Distaste then interest and then being lovely because the energy within us has to remain very joyful. I shouldn't be attached in such a way that if I don't get to eat this or that, then I'm not happy. It's quite a balance between three: distaste, detached, and lovely. Baba wants us to be happy with it, that means you have everything but you don't have greed or attachment. Being lovely comes from deep contentment. If you don't have anything and you are detached, it is a little different from, if you have everything and you are detached, because that's royalty.

Brahma Baba was very royal, he had everything in life and he decided to offer it, surrender it to Baba, use it for service to make humans into deities. He did it with a lot of love and joy. He kept surrendering everything, but then was very creative when deciding which house should be used for which purpose. One of the sisters was talking about a house which Baba said He will divide and give as inheritance to his lokik children. Later, he decided to make it into the children's place. When there is true detachment, then also think what is the best way, and how to use everything in a worthwhile way. Internally there is a little confusion, lack of clarity between unlimited distaste, detached, and lovely. The outcome actually is being lovely, because you are detached and you are detached because you have unlimited distaste. Today, I was thinking, I really like the way Baba keeps saying unlimited distaste, but connecting it with being detached and lovely. It's becoming more clear for me that we can have not only a balance of being detached and lovely, but a balance between having unlimited distaste, detached, and lovely.

So, tomorrow we will practise and see how it works. All scenes are according to the Drama. Everyone has a part to play, but still be very detached. If somebody asks us something, you go and play your part, do it with love. If there is no love, then it's because there is not yet true detachment. Practise starts with unlimited detachment, unlimited distaste, then detachment, then practise being lovely. Then start all over, check yourself, “Am I lovely all the time? Am I sweet and gentle?” Today I was thinking sweet, gentle, humble, respectful, these are all qualities connected with each other, and they are deeply coming from your love. Love for everyone. Sometimes we don't have love, we have contact, a relationship but not true love. That means there is no true detachment. Somewhere, you are expecting a person to be like this, or speak to me like that, but here again, it's a lack of unlimited distaste. Start from being lovely, this is important at this time. Also, be very humble and lovely. Never create an argument or a conflict or distance in a relationship. We have to remember to give and receive blessings. Blessings are very important. Not only does it fill the apron, but it removes the obstacles also. If I do not get blessing from someone, I won't be able to be free from obstacles. So reflect, churn, practice, experience, experiment, and then you can share with us.

Om Shanti

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