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Apply the knowledge of the drama # 22

Liberation_ in_ Life_22                  Mohini_Didi                  December 22, 2023 

Om Shanti! 

Baba wants us to be real and royal, then you are lovely. Baba says when you are lovely then everyone will be attracted towards you. Dadi Janki used to tell us that when there is purity and you are lovely, there will be very good relationships, but not attachment. Attachment in the sense of sorrow, sadness, missing someone but we care for each other, have a lot of love for each other, so it’s not if you care too much or give lots of love, there will be attachment. There is nothing like lots of love. Every soul requires a lot of care and love, even if we are receiving from Baba. Baba also expresses that love and care through Baba’s instruments. At the right time if there is a need and you are able to fulfill that need, it really makes the heart of that person very full. I always used to say Drama is wonderful, wah Drama, but today sweet Drama. How to create that 100% love with Drama? With Baba we can understand, but what about Drama because it’s accurate both ways in relationships or in settling karmic accounts. Every scene which comes, every situation, nothing is wrong because it’s calculated accurately. I shouldn’t look at the circumstances, but you should look at what benefit you had from that, what you learned. You will always see that there is some kind of benefit there. I learned something, maybe I became stronger, maybe I settled something. Feel the sweetness of Drama. As much we trust Baba that much we need to trust Drama. Then also there is this aspect of ‘karankaravanhar’. Baba says don’t get confused because there are certain situations where you wonder what’s happening. Baba says don’t get confused because it’s Drama and if you are not confused ‘karankaravan’ Baba will solve it for you. I start seeing more and more how Baba works as ‘karankaravanhar’. Be a detached observer and you will see Drama is sweet and it’s unfolding and we love Drama. Drama is listening to us. It’s all Drama, it’s accurate, it’s perfect.

Om Shanti

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