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An Immortal Image #16

Embodiment_of_Solutions_16 Mohini_Didi September 16, 2023

Om Shanti!

How is everyone, okay? I can see hands and faces, everyone seems to be very well. So we thank Baba, and you should also thank yourself by keeping yourself well. That’s a very important subject; mentally, physically, spiritually, socially, we have to keep ourselves well. Baba is giving us knowledge, and we have to use it in an appropriate way. With the power of yoga and good dharna, we keep ourselves very well. That’s the example he gave the whole world. As we had been listening to the avyakti signals every day, that’s like our homework because from awareness to embodiment, awareness changes into attitude, then it’s our drishti and then it’s our image also. Anything we learn, we listen, it becomes our attitude which we call vriti. Smriti, vriti, and then it becomes drishti, then it creates srishti, the world around you. Baba always used to put a lot of emphasis on awareness; remember this, remember from last kalpa, different kinds of smriti. Every point in the Murli is reminding us so that we can create that awareness, because awareness has a lot of power. If it is good awareness, we feel happy, intoxicated, and if it is not, or something in the past was not very pleasant, then you feel sad and you are not happy. So, we have to be very careful what awareness I maintain. Baba always says to be the embodiment, swaroop, because everything is visible from the face. There is a saying: ‘the face is the index of the mind’. Anyone, any new person will first look at your face, and if the face is not full, if it’s not peaceful, it’s not very happy, definitely when you serve, it will have less impact. It is kind of a yukti, especially related to what kind of sanskars I like to create. We always think about changing old sanskars to new sanskars, but we can create new sanskars also. Like yesterday, I like very much about the donor, fortune maker and giver of blessings. So today, with one or two souls, I just thought, “Let me be a donor”, and it worked very well. This way, giving the right type of directions helps souls to create their fortune. Someone had this question, “How can you create someone’s fortune?” If you give them the right choices, and they follow the right choice.

So, it's really good to have this practice, to be an embodiment. Certain timings are for certain things, like this month. The avyakti signals are to be an image of solutions. Solutions and problems depend on our dharna. There are circumstances, there are situations, but how do we see them as problems or the scenes of drama, use the powers and pass with honors? If we can’t do that, then we say it’s a problem, this person is a problem, that person is a problem. I have to see that when I see anything as a problem, it becomes difficult. Brahma Baba, in his life, had so many adverse situations, so many oppositions, but he never said that there were problems. With his firm faith, stable in his stage, he just smiled, he used to get over everything with victory and success. So for tomorrow, our homework is very interesting, and that is the image of immortality. The soul is immortal, but the awareness that I am immortal helps us a lot. So, it says that when you consider yourself to be an immortal image, you will be saved from untimely death, from death and also from problems. Nothing can affect me, any kind of fear, I am an immortal soul, nothing will happen to me. So, this practice of ‘I am immortal’ is very important. This is the only means of ending worries in your mind and mental problems. I think all of us always worry, but try to be an image of an immortal being. Worry and problems are connected, isn’t it? So, Baba tells us to finish the awareness of this body, “I am a soul.” By ending body consciousness, all adverse situations will automatically end. So, we will use this tomorrow, create that image of immortality and see the thoughts of concern, thoughts of future, thoughts of what will happen. All the useless thoughts come in the mind, which makes the mind very weak. There won’t be any power in those weak thoughts, and these days power is important. Whatever the situation is, we have to pass with honors. So, our homework for tomorrow is to be an immortal being. I am an immortal being. Keep saying these words, “I am an immortal being” during the day, and experience this freedom that Baba is saying from problems and worries. Life will become very happy and pleasant, and we will be able to share with everyone.

Om Shanti


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