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An Image Of Divinity #10

Become_An_Avyakt_Angel_10 Mohini_Didi April 10, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Little by little everyone is becoming an angel because we find the difference in our attitude, drishti, feelings, virtues and purity. After purity is divinity. Baba describes many times that you are eternal, you become from eternal to original. Eternal is purity, love and peace. What is divinity then? It shows on your face through your eyes. People like to have a vision of something which is very divine. People can see you as you are physically, but to have a vision, they feel some kind of purity, divinity. Baba is calling it the power of divinity, but then many times Baba describes the deities as human beings but with divine virtues. Virtues are the same whether they are divine or ordinary, but divinity in virtues is something we have to think about. How do I use the power of divinity? Why is Baba calling it the power of divinity? Our presence creates those qualities in the sense that your presence gives the experience of divinity to others. They will say they felt a divine presence, but what is the experience from your own self? First you need to have that vision. If you have been peaceful or if you can be peaceful all the time, then naturally there is a glimpse and a vision. It could also be the light sparkling through your face, something very radiant and bright. Based on that, the vibrations will be so powerful and those vibrations will give experience to others. If a person has greed or attachment or any vice, you could feel a kind of discomfort with such vibrations. You can't see those activities, but you can feel the negativity. It is the same when it comes to divine power, but the power of divinity is your coolness, calmness, purity, even the attitude of love for everyone, God's love for everyone. The more you have love for Baba that love is visible and through the expression of that love, they feel God's presence. We have experienced it with Dadi Gulzar. Wherever she was sitting when we passed it was as if Baba was looking at us, because she created that presence of Baba. Wherever you see her, you could feel that presence. All of us, when we have love for Baba, are in remembrance of Baba and have commitment, then it is visible. Then people talk about it. They feel some kind of contentment in others when they experience divinity. They wanted to experience that for a long time but couldn't, now suddenly in your presence if they can feel it, then they will talk about it. They will have contentment and say they really had an experience of divine presence.

What Baba is saying is that when you are becoming an angel one of the important things is to have the power of divinity. We all should create that power of divinity. The first quality is of love. Through your eyes you are not looking at someone's body, beauty, clothes or ornaments, because we know that's body and bodily costume. As soon as you go beyond you only look at the soul. You look at the eternal qualities of the soul. Immediately they will feel the power of divinity, just by simply looking at everyone in their eternal and original forms. That's the most powerful practice we can do not only on our own, but also with others.

Since I read this point I have been thinking about the power of divinity. It is kind of extraordinary. Everyone has patience but some people have real true patience. The patience of that person is so visible. That means every quality when it's maintained under all circumstances or various adverse situations, other people can immediately say, “Oh, this one has a lot of courage”. When you are virtuous consistently and those virtues are used in action, the activity is visible. People can experience it and then they say, “Yes, that's the presence we wanted.” Reflect on what the power of divinity is and what divinity is. Of course, it's from purity, it’s from the virtues, but how can I inculcate it? Have virtues, divine virtues and divinity. That will be our homework for the avyakt signal.

Om Shanti


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