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An example of being karmateet #09

Embodiment_ of_ Success _9 Mohini Didi October 9, 2023

Om Shanti!

Is everyone karmateet? We are absent only when there is some bondage of karma, but everyone is present and we are able to make time regularly, punctually, so Baba’s blessings for each one of you. Baba wants us to have a good experience of being a child and a master. It’s very interesting the way Baba is saying it. We all are very much aware of our life as a child. We always remember, I am Baba’s child, Baba is my Father, Teacher and Satguru, but He wants us to be masters, not in the golden age, but here. What is the master of all of Baba’s treasures? Baba is the Ocean of Love, Ocean of Peace, Ocean of Knowledge, many treasures. Baba said as a child you have the right to all these treasures. That means what we have to do is, one is look at what my efforts are, the other is when you’re not able to make effort, still remind yourself that you can claim a right to this treasure of happiness, peace and joy. Baba said at confluence age, you are masters, that is self-sovereignty. Before, no sense organs or physical organs were in our control, but now we are self-sovereigns. It’s not that the organ or the body is controlling the soul, but it is the soul that is controlling the body. We get the inheritance, but we still have to experience the inheritance practically. It’s a very beautiful Murli, which we revise a little bit every day to become the example of being karmateet, karma actions. Ateet means free or beyond.

Baba is saying in order to reach practical actions, the soul of Brahma, who has taken the complete 84 births has become an instrument. It must have been a beautiful birth in the whole cycle that in the last birth also, he was able to claim the soul of Brahma, who has taken 84 births and become an instrument. Generally, they say how can one who has been in the household so many years become karmateet? Generally the bondage of karma is because of attachment, body consciousness. Every action we do is like a bondage. Then again, Baba said he was an example in fulfilling all relationships. He had a wife, children, all the relationships, but he did well with all the relationships, so that’s what Baba is saying. He was free from the bondage of karmas, but also, he was able to sustain the lokik family. Baba is saying fulfilling, all the relationships being in a body and yet being able to be in the bodiless stage. While in body, being bodiless. If you’re not in a body, you’re already in the bodiless stage. By being absorbed in the stage of being lost in love, using every new penny in a worthwhile way. Sakar Brahma became an instrument in his practical life. His soul, who was in the bondage of karma, became an example of being karmateet. Follow the Father, look at each step. Baba is saying, first is, am I free from the bondage of karma. All these reasons, we cannot be free, we cannot do Baba’s service, we cannot fulfill whatever Baba wants us to do, one of the reasons is the bondage of karma. Our homework is to check step-by-step and see how much you are able to do and find the method to do it. Dadi always used to say be karmateet and do service of being karmateet. Bodiless, but use the body in the stage so it’s not that I have to reach a stage but I have to play my part while being in that stage, so let’s check it.

Om Shanti


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