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An emperor means a bestower #8

Become_a_Carefree_Emperor_8               Mohini_Didi               March 8, 2024     

We celebrate ShivBaba’s birthday. On the path of bhakti they call it night of Shiva, because they show that He incarnates, when it is darkness of night. We know it’s not the night of 24 hours, but it is the night of kalpa. Within kalpa half of the time there is the copper age and iron age, the time when there is darkness of ignorance. The other half is morning time, golden aged time and silver age. 

It’s so interesting that someone is telling us all the time to be a carefree king, be a bestower, it indicates that He is a bestower. When I saw some of the traditions, I heard some of the words of Baba, I immediately realized it’s God, because only God can keep talking about giving. Give to them, give-give and now also He fills our treasure stores and He asks us to fill our treasures. Baba says those who are always cheerful with intoxication have all the attainments. If you have attainments you will be cheerful. Always continue to donate happiness to all souls through your mind, words and actions. How do we distribute intoxications? Baba says through our thoughts, words and actions. They will always feel that for any soul, they are like the Father, a remover of sorrow and bestower of happiness and experience themselves to always be emperors of the land without sorrow. An emperor means one who is bestower. Definition is so clear, but when it comes to even simple things like forgiveness, love and compassion, some people won’t forgive. They will keep telling, they will keep talking about the past and reminding them of their mistake. Forgiveness, compassion and to give as an emperor means treasure stores are full. All these are good qualities. We have to be bestowers for that.

Om Shanti.


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