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An Embodiment Of The Fire Of Love #8

VolcanicYoga_8 Mohini_Didi August 8,2023

Om Shanti!

Is everyone okay in Avyakti Parivar? Yes, very good! We are okay, and we have to remain okay. Baba has been talking about fire, different kinds of fires, fire of yoga. Today Baba is saying that we should be the embodiment of the fire of love. I remember, once I was traveling by Air India and a very young person in their late 30’s said to me,” I want to ask you something, it seems like you're in love with someone”. So I said, “Everyone is always in love with someone”. He said, “No, your love is sparkling on your face.” So, I explained to him that I am in love with God and it is God’s love. He said, “I could see that sparkle of God’s love”. So, today when Baba spoke about love, I thought maybe we have to pay more attention. Think about being the embodiment of God’s love, swaroop, and the fire of love. Baba uses two words, one is intense love, ‘lagan', other is called ‘magan’, that means you remain absorbed in love. You remain quite in love all the time. Then there are some subtle obstacles that come. In India, the word ‘lagan’ also means engagement, in the sense that a couple will get married. Some say that they are engaged but give them one more year, maybe they will know each other more, then they decide whether to get married or not. You must have heard Baba mention that sometimes when children are born, if a neighbor says, a daughter is born or son is born, and the parents are so close or friendly, they say, “Let’s engage them.” So they start engagement from the time they are born. Now when they grow up they may not necessarily want to get married. Some of you have that experience. We all have that experience, kind of engaged with Baba.

So, the connection is there now that you are engaged, you are connected, but there could also be many obstacles. Baba is saying that no matter what karmic accounts there may be, every obstacle is because of karmic accounts. So there is a way to settle that. Some of the karmic accounts are from this birth, some are from many past births. Especially from past births, mostly they are from body consciousness, mostly they are from one vice or another. Karmic accounts are created by attachment, greed, anger, or lust, one of the vices. There is a concept that I don’t know how big it is, but they mention the court of the supreme judge. It's very big and shows everyone, they show a big sized book, and everything you do here is written there. So the judge can read it, what punishment, what reward. When we were young, we always used to say that it will be written in God’s book up there, so be careful. You know one is that God is watching us, but on the other side they say that now it’s written. Everyone’s fortune, everyone’s karmic accounts, and an account book is there. It’s God’s account book.

So, Baba is saying no matter, it could be of this birth or it could be previous births, they cannot be burnt without the stage of embodiment of fire of love. It’s interesting why not the fire of yoga? From this morning’s Murli, yoga is love. Without love, there can’t be yoga, but this fire means that you have to have that when there is love. Many obstructions could come, many difficulties can come. I remember that when I came in knowledge, a lot of those who came to Baba, Dadis to Brahma Kumaris, there was a song that I have come crossing many walls. Like we had to cross this wall, it was not easy. Here there might not be that pressure. Kumars and kumaris had so much pressure of getting married. One of the interests one grandfather had, I wanted grandchildren, I want children, but who will take care of the children? So there is a lot of pressures from society, customs and systems of the world. So we have to cross all of that. These are the obstacles.

So, our reflection tomorrow or tonight when we sit with Baba is about the fire of love. Why is Baba calling it the fire of love? Constantly have the stage of fire, that is, all the karmic accounts will be burnt through volcanic remembrance, the seed stage. Just go into seed stage and the stage of being a lighthouse and mighthouse, and you will experience yourself to be double-light. Internally, completely, be a brilliant light, and when there is lightness, you feel so happy and joyful. You are bodiless, and it is important to be double-light. So, tomorrow the fire of love, the stage of being lighthouse mighthouse, seed form stage, a lot of homework. Whichever point you want to reflect on and then be in that stage during traffic control for 5 minutes. Be in that stage, experience that stage, create that stage. Then by the evening you will experience what is the fire of love.

Om Shanti


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