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An easy yogi, an easy effort-maker and an embodiment of easy attainment #7

Embodiment_of_Solutions_7 Mohini Didi September 7, 2023

Om Shanti!

Happy Janamashtami to everyone. Since this morning I have been thinking about the importance of celebrating Janamashtami, because when you look at Shri Krishna, when you think of Shri Krishna, we see the embodiment of all virtues, all powers, and the capacity to give blessings. Each one of us has to become the image of that perfection. We had been on this journey for quite a long time, so now is the time to put all effort together and reach our stage of perfection. Every day Baba, through Avyakti signal, also gives us the method which we have to keep using everyday until the last moment that the soul is in the body. If there is anything left which I have to overcome, then by using this yukti, there will be attainment. I like the homework very much because whenever the intellect goes anywhere, just remind yourself, let me do my homework, so then there are no wasteful thoughts. Any kind of anxiety, tension, concerns about the future, keep the head full of remembrance. Baba has been saying that everything is remembrance. So for tomorrow, our homework is to be an easy yogi, an easy effort maker, and embodiment of easy attainment. I am a jewel of contentment. Let there always be the remembrance of the Father in your head. Remembrance is the highest stage. Those who remain stable in this elevated stage will overcome negative things easily. By doing this, the problems will remain down below, and you will go up above. Always be an easy yogi, an easy effort maker and the embodiment of easy attainment, and you will easily be able to overcome problems as big as the Himalaya mountains in one second on the basis of your flying stage. So, we have to reflect a lot and experiment with the flying stage. Baba is saying that it is so easy. Make everything easy, and be the embodiment of attainment. I think we need much deeper churning and practice, so that by night time you have some feelings that yes, I have understood, or in my life you could see what the percentage of easiness and embodiment of attainment is.

Om Shanti

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