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An easy effort-maker #27

Sweetness_and_Love_27                    Mohini_Didi                   February 27, 2024

Om Shanti! 

Can you take this title for yourself, an easy-effort-maker? Yes? How many of you are easy-effort-makers? Everyone is an easy effort maker, natural and consistent. Anything that is easy, we can do it. When it is difficult, then we take a break, we are tired. So Baba is giving the definition; innocent nature, simple easy nature. So, if our nature is innocent, our efforts are easy. Baba is saying that in the images that you make of the deities, you definitely show easiness on their faces. Easiness in their faces and features can also refer to an innocence.To the extent that one is an easy effort maker, he will be easy in thoughts, easy in words, and easy in actions. This virtue of easiness is the basis of sweetness. It is only through this that you will be able to reveal the Father. If you are struggling or battling, you find it very difficult, and then you can’t reveal Baba. So Baba is connecting the easiness and innocence with revealing Baba because easiness is like innocence. Baba used to say that if little children give Baba’s introduction, they would reveal Baba. So the same innocence, like a child, definitely reveals Father. So an easy effort maker,easy nature, and innocence is very important.

Om Shanti


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