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Always to be loving to God #08

Liberation_ in_ Life_8                Mohini_Didi               December 8, 2023 

Om Shanti! 

Is everyone okay? Well, it’s important to keep ourselves well and okay. Baba has compassion, mercy, and love for all of us. Sometimes I look at Baba and say, “Baba you have so much love for us.” We can experience His love, but also the help He gives us at the right moment, Baba does something. Baba Himself is not visible, but everything moves on very smoothly and easily. That’s Baba’s presence. Yes, we did renunciation, a few of the principles we followed and that was because Baba doesn’t want us to go through any kind of suffering. Most of the sufferings are because of the vices. If you take each one, there is so much suffering from each. If someone has ego all the time, he may feel humiliated or not respected. If you remain in self-respect, and Baba has shown us what our self respect is, be in your original eternal image, and you will feel self-respect. Now we are towards the end of the journey and Baba wants to remove, help us to remove all our weaknesses. For that, the method that Baba is giving us is the method of always being in love of God. You know what that stage is, and of course, I saw Brahma Baba and I could feel his companionship, like he was never alone. So that relationship of love with Baba, I remember even before coming to Baba in knowledge. I used to always keep Baba with me, but at that time, I thought Lord Krishna was God, and sometimes it’s easy to keep a form, image, sleeping with him, waking up, eating. So when there is this love, you are not aware of things that are not affecting you. So the presence of Baba will definitely help us to remove all the weaknesses. On one hand, we practice so we have more power, but as we are moving forward and ascending, we also need more power. So when Almighty Baba is with us, then all the weaknesses can be removed. 

So we practice the method to become free from all weaknesses, that is, to always be loving to God. By constantly staying in the company of that one you love, you will easily be colored by the color of spirituality. So that is spirituality in personality. You don’t have to even speak anything, but there are vibrations in the presence. If you try to bring each code of conduct into your life one by one, you will sometimes find it difficult and sometimes find it easy, and time will go by in trying to practice this, or finishing a weakness. Therefore in order to become the highest being through following the highest code of conduct, in one second, be constantly loving. So our love begins with God, then with everyone, and love is a big power. So, I like this aspect of constantly being in love with God. Just imagine that Baba, God, as the Ocean, as bestower, because He is our creator. A lot of people find it difficult to connect with One who is formless, just a point of light. So then there is love for Krishna, love for Radha, love for lord Rama, different images, and they express their love by constantly chanting the name, offering flowers and food, and celebrating so many days with them. All these are an expression of love which they like to do, but they do it with some image or other. Then they say, “Oh, everyone is an image of God, in whatever form you remember Him that’s fine. I know once Baba said, “In whatever form they remember, it reaches Me because they are remembering God, and He is One.” Here it is completely different, Baba wants His creations to have all the virtues, all the powers, and be in that perfect form.

Om Shanti

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