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Always Sing The Father’s Praise #4

Construct_the_New_World_4 Mohini_Didi July 4, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is okay, feeling well? We had been thinking about all of you. I know that many of you are coming this weekend for your retreat. We also have children & parents. We are finishing tonight. Some of the children were so happy that we have been seeing each other on Zoom for three years, and now we could see each other, meet, get to know each other, sit and eat together. So, we are having a lot of fun, a lot of joy. So anytime Baba says something, some of us immediately will say, “Yes, I am humble, my nature is very cool and calm.” Generally that’s how we think. Baba is the Supreme Teacher, so Baba says, “Okay, check, if you are humble, cool, and calm, you will be successful.” Then you will not have the subtle ego of your own success. Like, I am always good at this, I am always one who gives good ideas, my ideas. You could hear them singing self praise. Baba says that a humble person will not do that, but rather others will say, others can praise you, but you should sing the song of Baba’s praise. Each one of us, if we look at the abilities, specialities or capacity, all of that is because of Baba, and it keeps extending, keeps increasing. Our attention is on implementing the knowledge, what we call dharna. We give the example that if a tree is loaded with fruit, it will always bow, go down, but if the tree is bare, no fruit, then it is higher. So as many virtues we have, and become stars of success, that’s how humble we should be. So, internally there will be singing the praise of Baba all the time.

Baba is saying that there are three things that you constantly do in your virtue of humility, cool, and calm nature. We have relationships in all four ages: Golden Age, we have relationships, no bondage. Silver Age, no bondage. Then in the Copper Age, it begins because of body consciousness. Then all the vices, our actions and interactions created some bondages. When it is the end of the cycle, there will be the beginning, then our relationship in the Golden Age will be pure and divine, no bondage, proper relationships. All those relationships are created in the Confluence Age. In the Golden Age, there is only love. At the Confluence Age, Baba gives us the knowledge of soul, soul consciousness, relationships with each other souls, children of God. So we found a new relationship, spiritual. Even if we play a new role in a different relationship, mother will play the role of a mother but mother will not look at child as my child, it is a soul, playing part as my son, as my daughter. Sometimes we think, children don’t know anything, but when you hear them they know a lot. Wisdom emerges in them, purity is there, because in the past life whatever their experiences are, the sanskars are there. So we look at them as a soul and then we listen to them. There will be a big impact because as soon as my word comes, my child, my son, my daughter, it is a body conscious relationship, so there could be reaction, there could be rebellion, not accepting. It is very important at the Confluence Age, that everyone has a soul conscious relationship. So we become like what we say here, a Godly family. Souls are all brothers. When we are in bodies, we are brothers and sisters.

So Baba is saying to constantly share love, be loving. You might say that for some it is very easy, but for some it is not, but we are forming a new relationship. Don't look at a person's sanskar or nature, look at that person as a soul. Baba is saying that in humility, you will give love to everyone. Some are able to receive love from them. Some always complain that they dont get love. Even though you are very loving, they say that they don’t get love, that others get more than them. So what do we do for them? Baba says to give good wishes, have feelings of don’t give up. In good wishes, their path will clear, the obstacles they have in receiving will be clear. Some souls call me and say, “But it doesn’t work, I have been doing it for one year, two years, my good wishes not working.” So, Baba says to be merciful. If you reject and the soul doesn’t get, then what will happen to the soul? Where will the soul go? Even if it is trouble here, it could be trouble anywhere. In your heart you want to help the soul, and that’s only possible when you are merciful. Not only are you creating good relationships, but that’s the way to even create good relationships and good actions. That is truly serving the people, serving the souls. I really feel that if we follow Baba’s three directions, you will never get angry or upset or disheartened or disappointed, never.

We have so many stories the whole day about sanskars, conflict. I emerge more love for them. They need more love. There is something bothering them, maybe love can help, good wishes can help. If not, just be merciful but your nature, your arrogance shouldn’t emerge, and don’t be that forceful. What it means is to remain calm, cool, respectful, very polite, and caring. That’s what Brahma Baba did with all the children. That’s what Baba says, “You come to Baba, and Baba makes you pure from impure. Baba makes you like a lotus.” Baba doesn’t give up on any child. We saw the example of Dadi Janki. Whatever anyone was, she still would say, “But where will they go? I have to give love.” She would not stop giving. They give the example of the elements. Whether it is water, sun or air, it doesn't stop giving, nature is giving. So the whole topic this time, the third word is nirman, that means you give and create a new world. So to create that Golden Aged new world, I have to prepare myself, but also I have to be a bestower and help other souls to be ready. We don’t give up, because internally everyone wants to change, remove weaknesses, but some are not able to do it. They don’t know how to change knowledge into virtue, knowledge into power. So we have to help. That’s the real service, true service, but it is very incognito. So keep these three qualities and take the homework for tomorrow, to look at your humility, cool, and calm nature.

Om Shanti

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