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Always Pay attention that there is double service #11

Elevated_Mind_and_Subtle_Attitude_11 Mohini Didi May 11, 2023

Om Shanti!

Happy Satguruvaar! Baba constantly sustains us and today Baba reminded us that we belong to the highest clan. We think of how everything began in the Yagya, and then we were all spiritually born, we are adopted. Those who belong to this clan or family, they come, and they just feel that they belong to this family. Baba is drawing attention towards our purity. Baba is saying that when there are strong waves in the ocean or river, you cannot stop yourself. When you are in the midst of that, you will just be carried by that wave. I have seen such big waves that were so strong in Kashmir, I used to look at them and enjoy them. Some people get pulled under the waves, most of them will reach the bottom. So, waves can be very strong. Waves are like the atmosphere. For example, you find everyone is talking about some theme, theme in the sense of something is happening and everyone starts talking about it. That is the time I shouldn’t become part of that. If there is quite a strong wave now, think, whether I flow with it or I stand aside and say, “No, I cannot do that, I shouldn’t be doing that.” I think we all have the experience of flowing with the flow or taking control of the self, our thoughts, our words, our attitude. When Baba is talking about waste, then He talks about purity, especially about not flowing with the waste. One person is talking and then everyone becomes part of that. We don’t neglect or it’s not that we don’t believe the person, but what is the remedy, what’s the solution? What can I do so that not only souls are not affected, but I could be of some service there? It’s very subtle.

The majority of us want to live with whatever the waves are, but when it's quite strong, we have to be very careful. I like this thought but then also for every task to be accomplished, of course power of purity is important. Baba is talking about the power of yoga. Just be in yoga, nothing is big, sometimes we get concerned, sometimes we get a little bit of waste thoughts. Just be in yoga, remember Baba, let that pass. What is current will pass, can’t be forever. So, that is Baba’s signal, but also, Avyakt Baba’s signal is to also make others worthy and also yogi. True yoga is with Baba, and my intellect is with Baba, you are becoming worthy, your value, your worth is increasing. Also, your capacities will increase. Very subtle capacities, where you can achieve what you want, you can help souls with light and might. That means my own mind and intellect become very subtle. They are subtle, but they get more refined, more pure. So, Baba is saying to prepare the land, especially with words, and also have an elevated attitude. So, I kept thinking that with different timings it will be a different attitude. Let’s say one of the most important attitudes is the response to God’s love. I can share with others, instead of only talking about Baba, who He is, what He does. We have one lesson on God, God’s activity, God’s divine virtues, but I can create that feeling through my experience and through my attitude. How will they feel God’s love? It has to be in my attitude. So, when it is in my attitude, Baba is calling it full service. One service is through words, and the other is through attitude.

I’m sure you are all trying to create that experience within you. That when you are talking about something, your attitude is the same. So it does double service. Baba is saying that when you serve in a double way, it is fast speed. When there is this attitude, it has a strong current of atmosphere. So, what should be my attitude? Baba is saying that not only does our attitude create the atmosphere, but also it affects nature, the elements. With attitude, every cell of our body connects. We don’t realize it, but all that is going into nature. Nature is not necessarily outside, but it could be one’s own five elements, that is the body, very subtly. We definitely have to be careful that my attitude should sustain my matter, the body, in such a way that there is healing, there is health, there is power. Every thought affects our cells. They say when you hear something very fearsome, your mouth gets dry and your body starts reacting in a different way. So that is the kind of discipline, control, I have to maintain an elevated attitude, because through this elevated attitude when atmosphere is created then it affects the body. We also have to take care of the body, Baba’s instrument to serve. So, Baba is saying that this is not only service for others. Even when someone has an attitude of some kind towards me, I should protect myself. I maintain an elevated attitude so that it doesn’t affect me. So, I think it's a very subtle effort, and you can keep using the power of transformation and enjoy it. See what atmosphere I maintain, and how it also helps nature. So, Baba said that our worthiness has to increase, and also yoga has to increase. So, that’s the homework for tomorrow, our practice of attention on our attitude.

Om Shanti


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