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All types of attainment #15

TreasureofHappiness_15                 Mohini_Didi                 May 15, 2024

Om Shanti! 

Baba keeps giving us many yuktis on how to remain happy, and actually you are ordaining happiness in your fortune. It's not that whatever is in my fortune I try to emerge, but I need to accumulate, I have to create. Now yes, I might have all attainments, but when I am creating awareness of attainment, I'm increasing that. When I realise that effort really is how long how and how much I stay in that awareness. I am Baba's child. We know that, but how much is that awareness? We have to keep creating that thought that we all are Baba's children. We are one family. I have all attainments. I'm very fortunate. We all are fortunate. So, this is called effort, you think about it, you speak about it too, it has its own effect. Like we say, “Oh, we all are Baba's children.” When we use these words, suddenly there is this feeling that yes, we are one family, we are the luckiest children. I don't think we say a lot, but first it has to come in the mind, the right awareness. Everything is merged in me, but then how do we cultivate unless we use it in action? So whether it is drishti, whether it is words, say it like Baba's children, we have to have love. Baba's children always work in harmony. So it's kind of keep reminding, keep accumulating. This is very important. So, tomorrow our attention will be at least a few times to not only think of your attainments, but speak about them. That means you are creating awareness in others, and that's a big service. One is doing service for the new souls, another is doing service for Baba's old Brahmins. 

So, tomorrow each one should remind others of one awareness. The first one is ‘relationship’. Someone who has attainment of elevated relationships. So the quality of relationships will be a good example for others. The love and care for each other will inspire others also. So it's very interesting, the attainment of elevated relationships, elevated connections. Maybe once in a while we contact, once in a while we meet, once in a while we communicate. It's a contact, but it is elevated, true love. Many people these days have been noticing and they say, “Oh you truly love each other because they see how we care for each other, how we are always together.” So what is it? True love. All types of prosperity really feels so good. We have abundance, we’re not wasting anything, but we are generous. We give cooperation, love, and power. We are sharing all types of prosperity, and having all types of success is said to have the fortune of happiness. You children have all five types of attainments. You have a relationship and connection with the Eternal Father. Baba says that you have attained the love of all the relationships from the One and you are also full of imperishable prosperity. Step by step, Baba makes us successful. Success is your birthright. So, maintain the happiness of the fortune of this happiness. Tomorrow we will do it and say it as if I'm reminding others, reminding myself. Oh, we are all so fortunate. Then it creates, it helps others, it elevates the intoxication, and it could elevate respect. Many good things can happen in relationships when it's not only that I'm creating awareness but I am also speaking it. I like when Baba said yesterday that one is churning and another is sharing. Both are important. Okay!

Om Shanti 

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