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A Master Ocean The Same As The Father #18

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Become_an_Avyakti_Angel_18 Mohini_Didi April 18,2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

So we are becoming angels. Everyday, little by little, changes are happening. We are becoming angels. Today, Baba is talking about all eternal relationships. In today's world, every relationship, any relationship has a lifespan, it's limited, it begins and then it ends, because the body is perishable. Only with one Baba do we have an eternal relationship. I remember that even before coming to gyan, I used to feel so deeply connected with God, and also used to feel that my origin is from there. I belong to God. God is the One who is taking care of me. Eternally, I belong to Him, but then when we come into this world we have parents, then brothers and sisters. Now we have so many relationships. The most important relationships, first is of parents, and then in life, to learn, to study, to be educated, so we have the relationship of teacher. Then further to be guided for the final destination, the relationship of guru.These are important relationships, and we are so fortunate that we have all three relationships with One Baba. The soul is eternal. The soul is imperishable. Amongst ourselves, if we have love as souls in soul consciousness, we have the feelings of brother and sister, and that becomes eternal too. I have seen that once I meet anyone and see that soul as being precious, there is always love, whatever kind of sanskars anyone has, my connection with that one is that of a soul. Eternity is a very important word, and all the attainments are from eternal relationships. Otherwise when the soul leaves the body, there is sorrow.

When somebody dies, you say, “I really miss that person.” but in soul consciousness with God, it's an eternal relationship, and we know that He is always with us.

He is always there for us. It is a very beautiful feeling that I will never lose a relationship. Just emerge that love, emerge those feelings of eternity. No beginning, no end, always, that is why Baba is saying that relationships are very important. Whatever the Avyakti signal, we need to take the homework for the day seriously. The situations of that day will help you with those signals. Yesterday, we took the homework of not getting confused, not allowing any obstacles to come. Baba said that you might lose self respect, or suddenly you might feel that you have to reaffirm your faith. I have been thinking how important it is to maintain a good stage. Whatever is happening, is happening, but my stage should be stable. During world meditation hour, when we are healing, we are connecting with every element, water and air and fire. I really felt so connected. This Saturday we are celebrating Earth Day, and I was thinking how much the Earth is caring for us. It has power to generate, power to create, and that is why we call it mother Earth. She sustains us like a mother sustains a child. Even if a mother is able to feed the child, it is because of the Earth. If the grass is not there, cows are not fed.

Baba is giving the comparison that children should also become Master Oceans. Now how do we become a Master Ocean? When we are full, or we don't have any boundaries. There is a saying that the more you give, the more you receive. Baba is not only the Ocean but He is also the Bestower. Sitting on the beach, looking at the ocean, it's very far, endless. You see a lot of waves. Some people want to just watch the waves, and some go and take a dip in the waves. In the same way, when we are unlimited inside there will be waves of happiness, because when we are limited, it affects our happiness also. Baba is saying to become Master Ocean. Of course, what Baba is saying is that if you are Master Ocean there will always be happiness inside. We will have to reflect, that we will have to churn on what is the connection of being an ocean and happiness? Today, Baba said that rivers can be dry, but the ocean can never be dry. So when will we have this stage of being Master Ocean? It is going to be very interesting because ocean, ‘sagar’, and then we say bestower, ‘data’. I remember as children, we used to walk early in the morning on the beach. So many valuable things come out of the ocean. All the pearls come out of the shells, very beautiful pearls also emerge. So, it's not only limitless, but it has valuable things. It is considered one of the biggest resources, or source of life. So, how do I say that I am an ocean of love, unlimited and bestower? Sometimes I think, “How long do I have to keep giving? Why do I only have to keep doing it? That is a limit. To be limitless, yes, like Baba is never tired, never fed up with His children, never gives up on us, always bestowing, giving.

At this time, we really need to be very full. It is very easy to feel empty, whether looking at circumstances or someone’s sanskars. Just be an ocean, just be a Master Ocean and a bestower, because angels have to be limitless. I cannot just say that I can only give five, or I can only give 10. No, I will give to anyone who comes to receive. So to be unlimited servers, be tireless servers, selfless servers. One has to be a Master ocean. I think when we take this as our homework, and go in more depth of completeness, perfection and being an ocean. Baba is saying that when you are complete you will be like the ocean. If you are an ocean, you are complete. I think you all have seen the ocean. I remember once with Dadi Prakashmani, some of us were going to Chili, Argentina. Dadi kept saying that there is so much water, actually 3/4th of the world is water. So, on one side, the ocean is a bestower, but also, when there are big waves even ships can sink. So, in the end also, the ocean will also play its part, but at this time, we are looking at Baba as an unlimited Ocean. Just have this thought that I am His child. I am Master Ocean. So, this is the homework that we take for ourselves, and definitely, some new aspects of angelic stage will emerge in us.

Om Shanti


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