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Tapasya #2

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Tapasya_2 Mohini_Didi January 2, 2022

Om Shanti everyone!

I think you all had good luck for today practicing, experimenting with Tapasya, experiencing transformation. I was asking myself and you all can ask yourselves, “Is it easier to say goodbye, or to accept congratulations?” Baba says that you have to say goodbye, not in a hard way or bitter way. I said, “Okay, I won't do this anymore”, and in a good way I said, “It was Drama.” So, if I say nicely goodbye, very pleasantly say goodbye for now. It was good, because nothing is bad in Drama. Perfect, accurate, beneficial. It was good, but now I am saying goodbye. Then our heart opens to accept congratulations for what Baba wants us to be for this year. If we had done it when Baba said this so many years ago, Baba‘s task would have been accomplished. Baba keeps saying that you have to be perfect, because time is short for you, we should be very happy because still there is time, but it is short. When Baba talks about our completion and perfection, only little things are left, big ones we have done, lust and anger is not there. Greed is not there, just a little bit of desire for recognition, maybe in service, whatever it is, attachment is not there, but traces are there, the same with arrogance. So, I always say that the big things are done, but the little things are still there, and they sometimes take time.

I came to know recently through Vishvaratan Dada's life story that he's the one who created the ‘tree’, I didn't know that. Later on, Baba wanted to get it done properly. There were some very famous artists that Ramesh bhai brought from Bombay to Madhuban, and so they drew the Tree that you see in History Hall. Baba sometimes sat on the floor and looked at those paintings. Once we saw Baba dancing, not jumping like what people do these days, it was in rhythm, moving his arms, his head with inner joy. He was so joyful. Tapasya is dancing when there is complete inner purity, clarity and lightness, you are so joyful, it feels like you're dancing. I love to hear the praise of Satguru Baba. Brahma Baba spoke only pure knowledge. When we are merged in love, that's true Tapasya. One definitely will dance and sing, your feet are not on the ground and internally you just say, “Wah Baba, wonderful Baba.”

Tapasya is not about sitting firmly for long periods of time, even if my back is hurting. What is really needed is bodiless stage. I have seen pain disappear if you are in bodiless stage. Someone said, “What's the importance of bodilessness?” I said that in the face of negative vibrations, violent and painful situations, just be bodiless and it will not affect your body. One time I was sitting in a wheelchair for five hours without moving and I said I don't think I will be able to get up and stand, still what should I do in such situations? I just became bodiless and the impact on the body was very little. If I'm talking negatively all the time about my body then the body feels it. When I wake up very early, first I give a lot of good vibrations to the body. Give a lot of love to your body, speak with gratitude to your body. One is attachment with the body, and the other is respect for the body. You are using your body so much, and those who take care of the body with love, always look well. Whatever their body is going through, they always will look well. It's Baba's sakaash and it's my own pure love towards the body. Remember that the body is part of nature. You gave me this body, it's very nice, very good. So, having the deep nature of thankfulness, and appreciation are very good healthy vibrations for the body. I create a relationship with nature with love and care. You can use the body, but not forcefully. So, the practice of bodiless stage is important, and that awareness is tapasya.

Baba would say, “Okay, if you are not well, still you come to Murli. If you cannot sit, you can take support and sit, but you don't miss Murli.” Bodiless stage is such a stage where there is love for the soul and respect for nature. Don't use the body forcefully, but with love. Don't say that my knee is not good, it's very bad, my knee hasn't been working well these days! Okay, then take care of it. So, it's not attachment, it's respect, it's love for nature. What is the body? Air, water, fire, earth, the whole ayurvedic. What is ayurvedic? They go by the elements. Someone's body has more heat, someone else’s body doesn't have. So, it's the flame within you, the fire which ignites, keeping your body very warm. The body is not warm from outside temperature, actually it is from the inside, from the element of heat. Yes, we like air, we like the breeze, but you are breathing the air, and speaking, that is the element.

So, bodiless stage and angelic stage are very interesting. I have really experimented with both bodiless and angelic, they help you to be very detached and lovely. Tomorrow our attention will be to dance in super sensuous joy with a bodiless stage or angelic stage. If you get confused about what to do, follow the Father. I guarantee you, as soon as you say, “follow Father”, even if you don't know anything, very good thoughts will emerge in you about how to follow my Baba. If I don't follow, I will be lost. Where will I go? I always keep telling myself, “I follow Father, I follow my ancestor souls, all the time. I am traveling with them, I am not alone.” Whenever I find I need some help, they are there, they hold my hand, they give support as they did when they were in the physical. Once I told the Dadis, “I don't like to tell you all about when I have any physical treatment or something.” They said, “You should tell us.” I said, “But you will have waste thoughts, why do you have to use your thoughts for my body?” They said, “We are together, and we want to know everything.” I used to think, “Should I write them? Should I tell them? How much?” Once I asked and they said, “We want to support your life.” So much love Brahma Baba had. When I had my first surgery, Baba's Allrounder Dadi came and gave me a little bag of money and fruits, she said that Baba sent this for you. So, love of Baba and ancestor souls is needed. We have to follow Brahma Baba and also have self-recognition of my eternal self. I'm a point of light, I am a peaceful soul, I am a loveful soul, as many times you can say this to yourself. That's our song! That is our Tapasya tomorrow.

Om Shanti

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