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World Benefactor #2

Elevated_Mind_and_Subtle_Attitude_2 Mohini_Didi May 2, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Every word that Baba speaks, we have to implement all those words in our practical lives, and we have to become that. That makes you think. Baba said that I give you the pen, and you can write whatever line of fortune you want. What is drawing the line of fortune? Fortune is created when we use something in a worthwhile way, when you use something for benefit, in the sense of bringing some benefit to others or service of any kind. That means as much elevated, unlimited thoughts as you create, you are drawing the line of fortune longer. So, service through thoughts, body or any resources, specialities or whatever we have, all that has to be used and then we find that our fortune can be created. Without doing actions there cannot be any fruit. Now in one of the Murlis, Baba was asking, “What would you like to become? Are you an ocean, are you a river, or do you want to become the king of a state or a country or a world?” So Baba gives us the title of World Benefactor. We cannot count how many souls, because the world includes souls and nature and animals, every living creature. That service can only be done through vibrations. Even if you go outside and start talking to the trees,you have to have very loveful vibrations. These trees are beautiful, they bring shadow, they bring fruits. So, when you look at the tree and when you think about the benefits that we get from the tree, then those are the elevated thoughts for the tree, and you are serving through your vibrations of elevated thoughts.

I have been thinking, what is an elevated thought for everyone? Of course for souls we say that we see them in their perfect stage, all the beautiful qualities of the soul. What about nature and everything? Elevated thoughts create the vibrations,very subtle powers, and we know that nothing physical or gross can change anything. For that, Baba is saying that you need to be very clean. If someone is doing something wrong, you will know it is wrong. There is a saying that if you see something wrong happening, and you remain quiet and let that happen, your burden will also increase. Why didn’t you at least try to stop it? So, if I hold something for that soul in my mind, like this one always does that, this one is very vicious, this one is. The other person will feel the vibrations, but it is in your mind. If I am holding it, the pollution, impurity, will stay in my mind, and that means the quality of my purity will reduce. When purity reduces, there is a connection of peace and purity. If you want to be peaceful, you have to have purity. Otherwise all these thoughts will create disturbance in the mind. So, this will be our homework, we don’t hold anything. What I experience is that when there is purity, a good stage of purity, you don’t even remember, you just forget. So, as your stage of purity and perfection is increasing, you will not be able to hold any feeling that is not a right feeling, good feeling, elevated feeling. So we have to work on both levels. If we accept the title, which I think, we all do, that we are World Benefactors. I am a master world benefactor. My Father is a World Benefactor! So, I do what my Father does.

It is best to look at Baba and feel Baba in His eternal stage. That’s what Baba said is recognition; who He is, what he does, and how He does it? There are 10,000 Baba’s children sitting there and they are talking a little bit, moving because sometimes they have to sit for many hours. Suddenly, as soon as Baba comes, even when Dadi Gulzar comes, the whole place is charged with love and silence, a lot of love for Baba and everyone is silent, why? They want to absorb Baba’s vibrations. Baba hasn’t started speaking, but we all want to feel Baba’s love. So everyone is just keen to take drishti, So all the qualities, like Baba’s purity, Baba’s love, Baba’s good wishes for everyone, everything is invisible. Can you see love? You feel love. Now if as a master almighty, I am not a master ocean of love, no one will feel that love. Love is very important, and then purity, complete silence. So, whatever I experience when Baba comes or I want to experience from Baba, I will have to inculcate all those qualities and then others will be able to experience that. Godly love is unlimited. How do you bring benefit to someone? It is spiritual. It is from your stage,cooperation, and donation of virtues. What one doesn’t have, I don’t say it or look at it, but how can I help, what way I can contribute? If we are in a gathering, it requires a little bit of sweetness or patience. What do you do? You keep that quality, you express that quality. More you interact with that quality, you will find that change will happen suddenly. Everything becomes different. We know that everything is so subtle. Look at Baba also, how subtle, incognito He is.

Once Baba said that if someone is inspired to become pure from impure, that is the greatest benefit. Even other qualities, someone could feel happiness, love, peace but without purity they cannot be very lasting. That means if there is purity you will remain peaceful whatever happens. Baba came and Baba said that all the children have to be pure. For some of us it's so natural, but there was so much conflict and at that time there was so much opposition, because of purity. No one will be angry or upset if you are peaceful. When you want to live a life of purity, there is a problem. So keep looking at Baba, keep looking at His qualities and inculcate those qualities and then you will become a master world benefactor. Whatever you will do, you will think the world will benefit. So, do not hold anything, because that subtle impurity of holding an impression about someone, holding someone’s wrong actions, it's like something dirty, and as soon as you touch it, you throw it. You don’t hold the dirt. Then we will be able to sustain our purity. So, our homework for tomorrow, the whole day, is don't hold anything that is wrong. Don’t hold anything towards anyone. It is elevated thoughts that create elevated atmosphere,vibrations, and bring benefit to the soul.

Om Shanti

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