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Whoever comes, give them one or another gift #12

Elevated_Mind_and_Subtle_Attitude_12 Mohini_Didi May 12, 2023

Om Shanti!

Knowledgefull Baba, Fortune Maker, the One who has taken our responsibility at confluence age says He will take care of everything. One method Baba has given is to remember Me. Instead of being concerned, having wasteful thoughts or worrying, remember Me. Remembrance is invoking Baba and Baba becomes Companion. Whatever is needed in that relationship, Baba just plays that part with us. I don’t think we will have this fortune in any other age. In the copper and iron ages there was so much bondage of karmas we constantly kept descending, because of no support and no strength.

Now Baba comes and the knowledge he gives is that we can transform ourselves, because it’s important that we transform ourselves. First Baba says you have taken a new birth now, your Father is new, Mother is new, family is new so your image should also be new. That new image is my original form, my eternal form is purity, love and peace. As a soul these are my natural qualities, so I should be an embodiment of ‘swaroop’, my image. You have to keep reminding yourself who I am. This is my new birth and Baba said based on that will be your nature. Because of body consciousness from so many past births we have developed a nature, but now we have to have trust, we have to have love and self respect. Always think Baba’s is with me, Baba is my companion. Then whatever waste thoughts come, no, I have to remember Baba. This way transformation will happen. Third Baba said change the thought, “how will this happen, who will do it, who will help?” Baba will help through someone, so instantly keep changing the thoughts and you see the miracle of those thoughts. If we have weak thoughts or think it’s difficult, then mind also becomes very heavy, our energy can become very low. We always say keep ourselves okay first, if we are okay everything will be okay. If I am not okay, nothing will be okay. I like what Baba said about the transformation of three things. Transformation of my image, transformation of my inner feelings, and also my thoughts.

The inner feelings are also very connected with our homework for tomorrow and that is to fill your attitude with good wishes and pure feelings all the time. That energy of good wishes and pure feelings will fill the power in our drishti. They always say vrithi and drishti, as is the attitude so will be our vision towards others. It’s not we are giving to anyone but you are doing for yourself. Just imagine if all the time I have good wishes and pure feelings in my mind and intellect, who is benefiting the most is me. Even if we think we are giving, first you are that and then you are giving. Baba said when your attitude is so full with good wishes pure feelings it comes in your drishti and then your heart.

Sometimes we say my heart is very happy today. Not only mind is happy, heart is happy. When heart is happy then heart smiles. When you meet someone with that attitude, with that drishti the smile of heart is like giving a gift to someone. As our Brahman tradition we always give a gift of something or other, toli, blessing, gift from Baba. Baba is saying don’t let anyone go without taking gifts. Take an extra minute, smile and give. So many say they feel so happy. If an external smile can make people happy, how happy will they feel with a smile from the heart? I think what Baba is saying is so beautiful, our heart will smile when it is full of good wishes and pure feelings. Everyone has their part to play, everyone has specialty, everyone has qualities, everyone has Baba’s knowledge. What can I give to my family, brothers, sisters and co-travelers? What we give to each other is the subtle gift of a smile from the heart. These days every soul needs that, even those who look very happy, because this is so pure, so internal, so subtle and so real. I really appreciate and thank Baba that He is teaching us something with which we can serve. Just keep sharing the gift, with the easy method. It's not difficult, what we have to do is create that attitude and that drishti.

Om Shanti

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