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Total control over waste thoughts #03

Liberation_in_Life_3 Mohini_Didi December 3, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Okay? Happy? The holiday season is starting, and there are beautiful lights all over. So, we heard a little bit about Murli this morning. Baba is looking at our specialties and we have to use those specialties. Sometimes we don't even know what our specialties are, but when we are busy with the task, then we come to know our specialty. Baba said that as much as love children have for Brahma Baba, Brahma Baba has also lots of love for children. Now Baba is talking about a ‘life of liberation’. When we come to Baba, we are given the aim that at the Confluence Age, that in this birth, you have to get Liberation and Liberation in life. We call it ‘inheritance of mukti and jivanmukti’. So mukti is just like going Home. Jivan is life, mukti is liberation. That means generally it could be a soul in the body as a bondage. That’s how generally people consider it, but the practice at the Confluence Age is of soul consciousness. The soul is liberated from the bondage of the body, but then another bondage is a bondage of karma. Even in relationships, one is relationship, one is bondage. People are so fed up with each other, they have conflict, they fight. They have a lot of attachment, and that attachment also is not good right. So, when Baba comes at the Confluence Age, all the practices that we do, we are going beyond action. Even our thoughts, elevated thoughts, thoughts which are of service, thoughts of remembrance of Baba, are not thoughts from bondage. Baba is saying that when there is a thought of bondage, there are wasteful thoughts, and you're not going to get anything from that. So, as soon as you find you're having wasteful thoughts, you have to control it, because if you keep going on for long, it's all a waste.

So, the homework that Baba is giving us is, ‘total control over your waste thoughts’. How many of you get waste thoughts, or how many of you don't get waste thoughts? There are some, right? Those who are free from bondage will never be controlled by their mind, that is, they will not be influenced by waste thoughts. Sometimes waste thoughts come and we start believing in those thoughts, and then we speak about those thoughts then we do actions. All that is wrong, and will be wrong. So that's another thing, the influence of your own waste thoughts. Baba says that they will have total control over their waste thoughts, they will not be influenced by external situations. A lot of thoughts come from external situations, some thoughts come from sanskars. So Baba says, they will have full power to face adverse situations. If you start thinking based on a situation, then you are influenced by the situation. If you start having difficulty in yoga and you are struggling, that’s a bondage. Those who are free from bondage will be easy yogis and cooperative with everyone. They will also automatically receive everyone's corporation.

So another quality is that if you are yogi and also sahyogi, then others will also give you sahyog. Our thoughts will be so powerful that automatically they will reach at the right time to the right people, and they will cooperate. I think we need to see more magic now, and how we see that magic is first we practise what Baba is saying. Like today Baba is saying not have a wasteful thought, not be influenced by the situation. So we do that, pay attention to a few points and maintain our stage like that, then see the result. We always remember what we should receive, but what should I do to receive that? That means the whole day's attention is what I should do to receive? So if I do it and then you start to see the result, then we will say that the method is good, the method is right. Otherwise, why didn't I feel that way? Why didn't I experience that? It didn't work out for me. Maybe you didn't do it properly. So that's what we have to do. Practise what Baba is saying, and based on that, receive. When you are receiving, you will be able to do it, it's like Baba’s blessings on you.

Om Shanti

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