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To Give Respect Means To Bring Zeal and Enthusiasm #07

Elevated_Self_Respect_7 Mohini_ Didi June 07, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone is well? Yes. We have a double family here. We have a big family right here, and also an Avyakt family. Whenever we listen to what Baba says, our thinking, our reflection begins. We want to churn more to understand it and then practice. When we practice, then we experience, but then also we want to experiment, right? So, Baba said to consider yourself to be an angel and look at everyone as angels. Now, if I say for myself, I might say yes I am an angel, but am I seeing everyone as angels? Angels will only see the angels. Angels won't see human beings. So, when we look at that point of view, then each one of us has to question, am I looking at everyone as an angel? If not, then I also have to become an angel. So when we listen to Baba, immediately we know what kind of work I need to do on myself, and then Baba said that it’s your drishti that can bring and make others also like you. Baba is also talking about self-respect. Am I respecting myself as an angel? Am I seated on that seat of self-respect of an angel? These days Baba talks of both through your features, and through your activity. Your image should be visible that way. Baba says that you are the highest and the holiest. Do I feel I am the highest and holiest? Then we are the richest. We have abundance. All our treasure stores are full. Knowledge, love, peace in all different ways, over treasure stores are full, richest.

This morning I woke up and I thought that truly we are the highest because we are world servers. Baba said that you are world emperors. I thought not emperors but servers. Then I realized how every thought that comes in our mind serves. There is love, there is peace, there is happiness. Every thought is serving, that means to create that kind of atmosphere. So it's like constantly, every second, every minute you're serving. So pay attention that whatever task Baba has given us, and based on that, whatever titles Baba has given us, each one should be the seat of self-respect. Am I a world benefactor? Today, I was thinking, let's say if your toli goes in the mouth of one thousand, everyone will bless you. Even if you write something, or do anything, ultimately it serves the world. You all must have noticed these days, there is a newspaper Guardian and someone from somewhere got the idea, so we have to give articles very regularly, so it serves. So, every second, any act we do, can serve the whole world, and I have to be unlimited for that. Our thinking these days should be unlimited. That's why Baba keeps telling us that you are a world transformer, you are a world emperor. So, we have to create. Certain things happen, but certain things we have to create. Every creation begins with thought. Then you become co-creator with the Creator and all of that gets accumulated in your account. To become a charitable soul.

So when doing homework of self-respect for tomorrow, Baba is saying, always remain seated on the seat of self-respect. Then what will be your main quality? You will be humble. There won't be any ego. You will never feel humiliated. It's only when there is ego, that you are hurt. Humility is a natural quality of one who is in self-respect. In self respect, you give respect to others. It's only when you consider someone equal to you that you can give respect. If you think this one is not equal, and this one is, you won't be able to give respect. This is something very subtle that we have to check. Today, the new point from Baba is that when you're giving respect to someone, you are increasing the zeal and enthusiasm of that soul. So that soul will be ready for doing service, or become unlimited, or cooperative. You all must have noticed that if you talk with someone with a lot of respect, then the other person will respond to you in the same way. So if we want a culture of respect, a family where there is respect for each other, it's not just a question of BKs we respect, but everyone. If you have respect, the way you speak respectfully, the other person is touched. So service is not only giving the seven days course and making them Baba’s children, but if you become the image and then you interact with others, the way Baba is saying every day, with self-respect, they will be served. They could be your neighbors, they could be people anywhere.

Okay. This is the month of Mama, and I was very fortunate to be with Mama for quite a while. Mama, as you all know, was young in age and the Dadis were seniors. Baba said that she is Mama, and she really looked like Mama. Then she started taking care of whosoever, you know that care she gave, and one of the specialties was listening. Anyone had anything, she would listen properly and then of course give teaching and advice. Mama gave respect to young ones and older ones. I remember that if Dadi Janki appears suddenly, everyone's energy used to get lifted with lot of zeal, enthusiasm, or courage, fearlessness. This sanskar of respecting everyone was so much in our ancestor souls. Dadi Gulzar in her role was very important but as soon as Dadi Janki or Dadiji came into the room, she would stand out of respect for them. Mama used to say that the younger ones need a lot of love and respect, because that is the sanskar that they will take from us. If I am gentle, polite, respectful, the other soul is taking that, especially the younger ones. We have to be an example for everything, we have to create those qualities. Then those qualities in the soul, they call it its own. So, for everything, our interaction with others has to be very respectful. I think that's what shows you are in self-respect. If you are in conflict, if you are a little bit insecure all the time, what you say and do doesn't help others. These days what is more important is to set a good example. Mama was one of those. These days thoughts are important, but words are also important. We all have to be so careful speaking every word, and that is only when you are in awareness, you look at others as equal and have respect. So it’s Mama’s month, and every day we talk about values and have been sharing our experiences with Mama. One of our important qualities was friendship, we were very loving and friendly. You naturally feel very close. Closeness in relationships, not intimately, but spiritual closeness, brings a lot of joy within the family also.

Om Shanti

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