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The World Mothers, The Unlimited Mothers #2

Embodiment_of_Solutions_2 Mohini_Didi September 2, 2023

Om Shanti!

Is everyone okay? Yes, everyone is well. This month's homework is becoming the image of solutions. I know in the Yagya, in front of Dadi, within the family, some would say, “Oh, she's always a problem anyway.” So then even the name becomes problem sister or problem brother. Then every time they go or they meet, they have some complaint. I remember that for me, I had this thought since I was Baba’s young child that I am not going to say any words about anyone in front of God, why should I? So, whatever will happen, I will try to resolve and be friendly and loving. I'm not going to complain, because even if you do it then you know with the same person that others might not have any problem. So, it's our karma, our sanskars, our ways, we have to resolve it. It's a very big family worldwide, so everyone thinks differently, everyone says differently, but it’s alright you know. Internally, we call it doing your own homework. Even in front of Dadi and say, “Dadi I have this situation. What do you think I should do?” Some they analyze, they discuss, they internally think what is the best choice for me. We would go in front of Dadi and ask for blessings. Dadi always used to say that she does her homework. Why should I use their energy, their thoughts on my situation? Yes, we need blessings, definitely, but internally be very clear. There are a few different ways. So, one is internally creating your personality where you always have a solution in a practical way. You are very constructive, you are very creative and, in the family, definitely such souls are very well-respected. A clear mind is very important. If the mind is clear, then you are clever and able to do also.

Today Baba is saying as I mentioned, that souls went to speak to Brahma Baba. There were 300 Baba’s children, and Baba would say to make time with Mama because Mama will listen to everyone. If someone is sharing about their weakness, she would never mention to that soul that you are weak, because that soul is already saying it. Mama would listen to everything and believe in everything, because whatever that soul is saying is true for that soul. In the end, Mama would say that you are so good, you do everything so well, you have these specialties, but pay attention to this. Instead of saying, “Don't do this, you shouldn't be like this.” So first internally because of good wishes, spiritual love, Mama would praise that soul, bring attention to the specialties of soul, and in the end, Mama would say that you could pay more attention to this. So, the soul understood that they need to be more careful about whatever the weakness was. So, you're not repeating someone's weakness because that's also my karmic account. Why would I speak of anyone's weakness? So, one time Mama said, “Someone is ready to throw out the weakness and it’s garbage, and you take it, why are you taking it?” Then you repeat it, show everyone, look, she's like this. We don't have to do that. So Mama had that specialty. Then there were the Dadis.

So, our homework here is that we all, each one of us, could be like world mothers. When I came to Gyan, I was 15-16. Then when I was 22, I started going out alone, so young, and Didi said, “You are a world mother, always remember you are a world mother.” So, I grew up with that personality of a world mother. A mother has to take care. I never thought that I am a kumari, I was never allowed to think that way. So the qualities that emerge with that awareness are very beautiful. One of the first things is listening. Responding, reacting, commenting are ordinary ways, not spiritual ways. Spiritual ways are that I am not supporting the weaknesses of the soul, but also want to help the soul to be powerful enough to overcome whatever could be the present experience or state of mind. So, Baba is saying that we are world mothers, unlimited mothers. So, there are the qualities of listening, tolerance, and patience. Someone going for something and I said something, then I realized later that no, this was not the right way. That person didn't mind it, but immediately you were too fast to say it in the sense that you could have thought more about it. Sometimes instantly responding without reasoning without understanding properly could also be taken not in the right way. When you think about it and then when you respond, it's accepted and also it is right too.

So just as the lokik mother, a mother makes her children strong by giving them sustenance through which they are able to face any type of problems and always remain healthy and also prosperous. What do mothers or parents wish for their children? That they remain healthy, free from obstacles and their lives are more comfortable. So what we like for each other, in the same way, is that everyone on their journey remains free from obstacles. Baba says that you elevated souls should become world mothers. They call earth, mother, because she sustains us. If there was no earth, there won't be any farming, we won't get anything, we won't be sustained. So, another quality of mother is to sustain, unlimited mother. Mothers make others so strong that they themselves become the destroyer of obstacles, full of power, healthy and wealthy. Any little situation comes, take a phone call, make a phone call, but if I have to grow, let me learn from it, let me think about it and then after that I resolve, then I would share my experience. So, we are making everyone powerful, strong. and then of course we share with each other. So how many of you are ready to be world mothers? What about the brothers? You know, I'm surprised how motherly brothers are. I always look at them because they are not emotional, no tears. I have to be strong and that's outer. Even as a single parent, whether it’s brothers or mothers and then a single parent also takes care of children very well. So, let’s think about it more. All of you have the experience of your mother in lokik, Brahma Baba, and Shiv Baba, three mothers. Some of you are mothers in a lokik way. So how are you empowering your children? Our blessing is that they remain free from obstacles, healthy, and also wealthy. So, let's do our homework with churning with practice and creating some experience.

Om Shanti


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