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The sign of this brahmin life is remembrance #26

Transformation_of_Old_Sanskars_26 Mohini_Didi November 26, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

This morning I am in Gyan Sarovar, and last night we spent the evening with Pandav Bhavan niwasis. To be at these places reminds one of the childhood days, especially when I am in Pandav Bhavan. There are the memories of Brahma Baba, his activities, and spending time with him in his room. Dadi Prakashmani used to sit in the courtyard, say Good Morning to everyone, and make us sit in the sun with her. She had a very good time table in the morning, and she was very punctual. She would come out to read Murli, and before that she would go into the kitchen, Baba's bhandara, when they had almost finished making breakfast. Most of those who have to cook are very punctual. They cook, and then clean the kitchen, go out for a walk, and then go for Murli. So, it was very beautiful to go with Dadi, very lively, very entertaining, and such beautiful memories. Baba's room, Tower of Peace, so it was a very good meeting. Then last night from Pandav Bhavan to Gyan Sarovar. It's quite cold here, we didn't know that it would get so cold, but we all are managing. You must know that the double foreigners third group is coming. The first group was 450, second was 200, now it's almost 200. Whenever souls are able to come, or get the tickets, they come. I feel that we should come even when tickets are expensive, they won't get cheaper. Everyone's ticket was double what it used to be from New York to here.

So Baba is saying that one of the main qualities of a Brahmin soul should be remembrance. Baba was saying that churning, contemplation, reflections the whole day and that churning should lead to concentration. Concentration helps in remembrance. I remember when I was leaving for foreign countries in the early 70's, Didi Manmohini gave a beautiful blessing, she said, “From manan to chintan.” That means contemplation to Manmanabhav. So it's not just concentration, but the mind has to be stabilized in remembrance of Baba. That is why we contemplate. As much as we churn we go beyond, we go above. We feel the pull of Baba and we connect with Baba, we are in remembrance of Baba. Actually, remembrance should be so natural for Brahmins, as natural as breathing when the soul is in the body. As the soul cannot stay in the body without breathing, both are connected.

Baba said to create a time table, and use different methods. We had some guests here, and one of the guests was sharing, “I haven't been doing meditation, but what I will do now, before starting every action, I will remember God, I will remember Baba, I will do meditation.” I thought it was a very good beginning, so for all of us also, this is what we should do. One time Dadi Gulzar gave a very good yukti that 11 times a day you give something to your body, 3:30 you wake up, drink water, drink tea or coffee, hot water or something, and then this goes on every hour, two hours, you take some snack. So, it's like you are giving to the body, but at the same time you give to the soul also. When you are holding a glass of water, remember Baba instead of just immediately drinking. When you have food in front of you, before eating, you offer it to Baba through your drishti. You purify the food and then you give it to the body. One of the things you can also do is to have different relationships with Baba. Start with parents, then Teacher, then Satguru as guide, then Boss, I am doing what Baba wants me to do, then Friend. Any relationship you want, that's also very good. You can use Baba's titles, Baba's tasks, Baba as Liberator, Baba as Purifier, or you can use Baba's powers. So, it's not only that I think of Baba all the time as a point of light, but I think of Baba at the Confluence Age in action, in activity with us, because we are Baba's helpers. So, this way remembrance can become consistent. It should become natural, not that I have to make effort to remember. Brahma Baba used to say, “Do you have to make effort to remember your physical father? Do you have to make effort to remember your physical teacher? No. So, we asked Dadi, “Is this also remembrance?.” She said, “Of course, it's not that yoga is when I sit and concentrate. It's when you are thinking of Baba in any relationship for any attainment or even teachings. I think that becomes part of remembrance. So, the quality of Brahmins is to have Baba's remembrance constantly.

Om Shanti

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