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The Sign Of Manners Is Humility #14

Construct_the_New_World_14 Mohini Didi July 14, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone okay? Everyone is well, happy, and healthy, right? Very good. We always want to maintain good wishes and pure feelings for everyone, and Baba is saying that the seed for that is to have awareness that I am an instrument and also be humble. It could happen that someone didn’t agree with you or respect you or humiliated you in front of people or something. Then from your intellect you say, “I have good wishes for you”. We want to see the change in that person. I want to have good wishes for you, but then also another part of the mind says, “You will know when you will have consequences of that.” They are not good wishes, they are just like very simple reactions we have, and the reason is our ego, or I forget that I am just an instrument. So, Baba is saying that actually, the feeling, the awareness of being an instrument, and also humility will help you to maintain good wishes and pure feelings for everyone all the time. It’s really interesting to see the connection of humility with constantly having good wishes and pure feelings. Then Baba is saying that you must maintain your manners, your decent behavior while proving the truth. Sometimes we become harsh, we say things that are not pleasant by proving that what I am saying is true. Both are important, truth and manners. Sometimes, because lack of humility, you are trying to prove that you are truthful, then we use the language or our behavior, and our interaction is not very decent, a little bit rough. Baba is saying that that shouldn’t happen. While proving the truth, use your manners. When there is humility, when you are humble, you are able to maintain pure manners, you are decent, your words are appropriate. You are able to be constructive.

Today I was thinking, to create a new world, to build a new world, we also need good relationships. So every step in life, try to see that when there are manners, you can have good relationships. Only then can we create a new world, a better world, the Golden Aged world. If relationships are not good, how can there be a new world? Through your expression of any kind, through your eyes, through words, in whatever way we interact with others, it should be of respect. We should be decent, have good manners, and good vocabulary. Don’t just say things that are not decent just to prove yourself. Baba is saying that everything constructive becomes very easy when there is humility. The attention has to be on how to create new relationships, good relationships, everything good. So, we are using three words; “Nimit”, that would be the awareness of being an instrument, then “Humble” and then “Constructive”. Baba has adopted us and Baba is sustaining us because we are instruments to create the new world.Not only create the new world, but we also become the masters of the new world. I also like when Baba says that Baba constantly gives you help, cooperation, and all the treasures. These three are the evident fruit of what you do as elevated actions. Some children begin something and they do not have the thought of creating for present and future. So those who are ‘trikaldarshi’, those who want a good future will definitely be doing actions in such a way and also experience that Baba is helping me. Everything is very cooperative, and Baba is giving me all the treasures.

So, we remember our present fruit which Baba is giving us now. It is so interesting that sometimes we need help, and we say, “Baba, please help us.” Baba would say, “You just do what is right, and I will constantly help you and you will get cooperation.” It may be cooperation of souls, or cooperation of nature, but you will get cooperation and all the treasures. There are powers, there are virtues, and there is knowledge. So, Baba says not to forget that you also get the evident fruit at present. If we remember this all the time, our courage, enthusiasm, love for Baba and remembrance of Baba can be easily maintained. Just imagine if we don’t think that way, then it would be difficult, you might say that it’s very hard I can not do it.” When you know Baba is helping, Baba is there, to cooperate to give me whatever powers and virtues I need and Baba is giving then you will continue to do service in an elevated way. So, the homework for tomorrow is that every step, you see; am I creating, am I establishing, am I constructive? Every step, you should think about this, then definitely there will be a reward for the present and future also.

Om Shanti


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