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The Powerful Rays Of Remembrance #4

Volcanic_Yoga_4 Mohini_Didi August 4, 2023

Om Shanti everyone!

Baba is concerned about our account. He wants to see our account of elevated thoughts full. If there are wasteful thoughts then time is also wasted and energy will be wasted too. That much attention we need so that every thought is a pure, elevated thought, thought of good wishes, thought of serving others. Listening to Baba, I think we all realize that we need to pay attention to not have an account of wasteful thoughts but accountful of elevated thoughts. Baba gave many methods. One is we create elevated thoughts, the other is that if there are wasteful thoughts coming in the mind, then change them immediately. If we allow that then the speed of wasteful thoughts is very fast. Time is also coming very close so we have to pay attention to our thoughts. When I listened to Baba I could feel His concern for us, because sometimes we are careless. When we are careless then we go into details and have a lot of wasteful thoughts. That’s why Baba said to pack up if it’s necessary. As much necessary go into detail otherwise just be in short, be essence full, move forward. Then it becomes like a habit to find solutions.

The homework for tomorrow is, Baba is using the words - powerful rays of remembrance. When we talk about lighthouses, giving light and might, it’s a ray. Think of your remembrance, like doctors give laser treatment in order to kill certain cells in the way, in the same way the powerful rays of remembrance burns the germs of any vices in a second. Mama always used to tell us that vices are gone, vices are burnt. If somebody has been ill for a long time and the healing takes a long time, the reason why is because they had been in body consciousness for a long time.

One gets into body consciousness within a second, but that has to be changed by looking at your own self as a soul and looking at everyone else as a soul. Not only soul, but soul in it’s original, eternal stage. If that becomes our vision then love, sweetness, gentleness, many good qualities automatically emerge. See everyone with dhristi of soul consciousness. Baba is saying that the creation of the old sanskar will take place, that is they will be burnt. Many ask the question, are the sins burnt or are they merged and then emerge? I think they are complete, because the soul is pure, like pure gold. Then there is alloy. Alloy is removed but gold remains. It’s not that it disappears. In the same way the purity within the soul is always there and impurity is burnt. Then comes all the alloy, old rust, which was there, is completely burned so the soul becomes 100% pure. The day we feel lightness and a powerful stage that means my rust, dust, alloy are completely burned. It’s very interesting to pay attention that once in a while a little heaviness, some anxiety or certain fears can appear, they may not be vices, but they are traces of vices. When there is purity you won’t have all these, no worry, no fear, no uncertainty, insecurity. Purity makes us very safe and full, Baba is saying lightness and a powerful stage. It’s a beautiful homework for tomorrow. We will see how many rays, how much, how long we use it for the self to burn the alloy from the soul. Alloy also affects the thoughts and intellect. When intellect has to decide, completely pure thoughts and pure intellect for power to discern is very important. Tomorrow reflect, think more about these points and practice and you will have a lot of experiences of lightness and power.

Om Shanti

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