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The Power to Merge #19

Volcanic_Yoga_19 Mohini Didi August 19, 2023

Om Shanti!

Is everyone well? Yes. So happy to know that each one of you is doing well. I get feedback and some say they really feel good when I ask. We care for each other and Baba said it's such an unlimited big family. So whenever there is a big family, then there are a lot of physical difficulties which we are able to tolerate or sometimes even enjoy. Sometimes for sleeping there are less beds, then some sleep on the floor. I remember that once, it was very common in India that we slept on the floor, and of course, Baba is asking in old age, maybe it's a little difficult, but actually, one could sleep very well on the floor. So, once we were hosting Baba and I was part of that host team. It was a very good house, a VIP person's place, but not that many rooms. So, we gave one room to Baba and the senior Dadis, and myself and two other sisters went in the living room, and in the middle part we will sleep there. Baba would come every morning at 3:30, wake up and then Baba would discuss a few things in the morning. This was in the 1960's, believe it when I tell you there were about 2000 Brahmins. It was such a big family, and so many difficulties, but we didn’t feel it. We came to London and there were no Brahmins in London. We had this kind of wooden platform that was like a door, and from the door we made a bed for Dadi Janki. Then for myself and Dr Nirmala, we all slept on the floor, a very small room, but those days you enjoy yourself in some way. After a few months, we were able to get a room with a bed and I was the first one to get the bed. Dadi Janki always said that one who can eat anything and can sleep anywhere will get to do unlimited service. Otherwise, first we have to think if you are sending this person, it will be difficult for that person, needs a special kind of bed, so we have to think twice. If that facility is not there, we would not send that person.

So, Baba said that it’s a big mela in Madhuban and Shantivan. I was reminded of a big mela, but with more family, there are more to eat, more to sleep. So we all have to adjust and we enjoy that, we should not find it very difficult. I at least start thinking that there are two types of tolerance, one is of nature and sanskars, but the other is physical tolerance. Also when you do not have enough, I am not talking about big facilities, but even enough basic facilities. So, I think each one of you has to think that I definitely feel I am able to do something, but I definitely look for a better facility. I have a proper bed and now the food also, and we have to enjoy the unlimited family which is very important. We don't know, a time might come when we don’t have facilities. I know one time we had some storm, and there was no electricity heating, so only in one room we had a heater and everyone had to be in that room. So some were sitting and sleeping, some were just lying down. Generally, there are not so many in one room. So I think each one of you know how much you physically can tolerate, but what Baba is talking about again is the flame of yoga. Everyone really would like to have total concentration within one second. Yesterday, Baba said to have the mind and intellect under control, so that is also the point which Baba is bringing out today, the power to merge. So, it's the power of tolerance and then what happens you think that what I went through two years ago, three years ago it didn't work. So you see something similar, you think it will happen again, and I will have to go through that. So, I feel that that pain or hurt or joy, whatever it was, emerges. Last time it was like that, but now what Baba is saying is that you are sitting in yoga and the thought is emerging from past experience. So that means you haven't been able to merge.

We used to discuss this a lot with Mama, the power to merge, because she would never repeat the past. She would never give reference to anyone. Sometimes we say that this one is like that and this one is able to do that, but Mama never ever gave reference to anyone. So we asked Mama, “What is this merging? We don't see anything merging in you, not even old sanskars, only knowledge and yoga. Baba says this, and stay in remembrance of Baba's knowledge spoken by Baba all the time.” Once we asked Dadi Janki, “The whole day you give points of knowledge, how is it possible for you to do it? She said, “I have nothing else. I don’t remember anything from the past and I am using only knowledge, so all I think and speak is knowledge.” So I think one of the ways to merge is also possible if we have knowledge in the emerged form. Keep thinking about the knowledge that Baba said, and then nothing from the past emerges. You all can think of more points. I can remember the points from Mama and Didi Manmohini, it was very beautiful. So, when you sit in yoga, use the power to merge everything in a second. Let all thoughts of service be merged and have so much power that as soon as you say ‘stop’, you are able to stop. The brake should be applied fully, not slightly. If it takes longer than a second then it would be said that your power to merge is weak. So, again if there is knowledge in the emerged form or Baba’s virtue in the emerged form, there is no chance for anything that is not necessary to emerge in any form. Emerging Baba’s knowledge and Baba’s virtues is our aim. Let that be in the emerged form and then let everything else be merged in the soul. I think tomorrow when we practice, apply both and see what has remained emerged and what has merged. As soon as anything from the past emerges, it gets merged.

Om Shanti


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