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The power to accommodate #9

Harmonizing_Sanskars_9                   Mohini_Didi                     April 9, 2024

Om Shanti Everyone!

Almighty Baba, One who has all the powers, He wants us, His children, to have all the powers. It’s only when we have all the powers, we are not only able to face, but we are able to accommodate. We are able to merge all the powers. Especially when you are unlimited like the ocean, all the rivers, they merge, they accommodate in the ocean. The ocean adopts them, accommodates them. They are able to merge. So we also have to have power to accommodate, power to merge. We harmonise sanskars ,even if there are various situations and circumstances, we can harmonise them, merge them. Everyday new things happen. So we accommodate. Let’s think about it. Baba says that in order to reveal the Father, especially pay attention to two things. The first one is to always have unity in harmonising sanskars. Secondly, let each one change the self, accommodate. So, we have the power to accommodate, and then the sanskars of others will become cool  and gentle. People say that the seats were accommodated. If you have 12 seats, and want to accommodate 20, you try to put more chairs, try to sit closer, whatever way. Then others become cooperative. They also try to adjust and accommodate. So, today Baba is saying that we all should have that sanskar to accommodate everyone, to adjust, someway or other, by keeping such a generous heart. Then others can do that, and our powers can also increase. So churn about it, reflect on that.

Om Shanti

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