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The Power Of Purity #5

Volcanic_Yoga_5 Mohini_Didi August 5, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Is everyone okay? Avyakti Parivar? If we want to be free from wasteful thoughts, we have to keep the mind busy with elevated thoughts. That’s why we have knowledge and then churning of knowledge, reflection, and insights. Knowledge is not just more information, but it is the knowledge that is eternal truth, knowledge that is connected with making our life pure, happy, and peaceful, knowledge that takes us to the destination. So when we receive that knowledge, we can keep our mind very occupied. Even when it comes to churning, then going into silence, our silence is not to empty ourselves, but silence is to experience what I have heard, more understanding, deepening our powers and our understanding. So we just heard about the power of purity. Now we have a lot of activity, and all the activities depend on power. When there is a power cut, then the internet doesn’t work and nothing really functions. So I internally see the powers, spiritual powers, power of purity, power of yoga. When there is power, what is happening? Everything is functioning in a proper way, but when a power cut happens sometimes, then we feel like we are stuck. We think that this shouldn't have happened, that shouldn't have happened. We say that it's for making some improvements, some progress, but to what extent? At the same time, I am creating, thinking what is right, what I have to do, what is next, what happened?

I always tell people that to be miser is not good, that you should spend and save. So, they ask me, “What's the formula?” I remember that there was a discussion in Malaysia. This topic came up, that people come from work in the afternoon. When they're coming, they kind of want to be refreshed. So they want to have hot tea or something. Some say that it's a lot of expense, and others say that we should do it. So, they decided that they would do it. So, as soon as the box of tea bags was finished, someone would bring two. As soon as the milk was finished, their fridge had another two bottles of milk. So what's happening there now is spending, but this also saving in the sense that you don't have to buy now. So, if we start applying this to our thoughts, even having wasteful thoughts is not purity. It's coming from some sanskars that we have formed from our mental habits, physical habits, and based on that, these thoughts keep erupting. I notice a lot these days when everyone is entangled, when it should be this way, I take those few moments to think what else can be done? It could be thoughts, it could be your time, it could be money, it could be everything, experiment with where you are spending, but actually that spending is saving.

I don't know how clear I am but when Baba was speaking, I immediately underlined, “Oh that's the right answer”, instead of thinking back and forth, thinking of what has already happened. I remember that there was a time after a program, we had the practice of debriefing. So when we debrief, we'll say this should have been better, or we should have done this. So one time everyone was so happy, full of power, and we sat there and kind of pointed out things. That caused a little bit of sorrow, heaviness. So after that, we changed the name debrief, and now we say let’s brief in the form of a summary, we make notes of what we can do better for the program. Sometimes we don't realize where we are wasting our thoughts and time and energy, instead you immediately find the solutions. It's really very interesting when you do it, as Baba said, very nicely. Even happiness is not just from efforts, it comes from your inheritance. When you are able to make things, when there is humility, awareness of being an instrument, then you can be constructive. So when Baba talks about power of purity, Baba is comparing power of purity as a fire. Every day we talk about power, electricity power, solar energy power, all these are powers, right? So Baba is saying that the great power of purity that you have is the most elevated power. It works like a fire to burn the rubbish of the world in a second. If a virus can come worldwide, why not vibrations? You will know that it's serving the world, burning the rubbish, it's a very interesting experiment. The power of your elevated thoughts will then ignite the power of love, and all rubbish will be burnt in that fire. So you children now have to use this most elevated power.

My commitment to purity was when I knew that it would serve. I immediately said that I would live a life of purity, not just physically, but also internally. Before we used to do service materially physically, now we can do it through inner powers which are most needed. Yesterday, I was experimenting. I didn't know about this point, but you know some people are disillusioned and their thinking is really out of illusion. So what do you do? Even if you try to explain, the words don't work. So I thought I would use just the power of purity, power of love, and just send those vibrations, and it worked. These powers work in a very subtle way. So tomorrow our homework will be to experiment with the power of purity that ignites the power of love. I find that whatever anyone does or whatever everyone's part is, there is love for everyone. Even that soul maybe doesn't want that, but the soul has that part, it's all right. Somewhere that love in our hearts is there because when there is purity, there definitely will be love.

Om Shanti

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