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The Love for Intense Effort #26

Volcanic_Yoga_26 Mohini Didi August 26, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone okay? Yes, very well. The month of August has many blessings. This month is not only that we are connected with Dadi Prakashmani, but Dadi Prakashmani is also connected with us. Many times, her inspiring stories, her inspiring words, come in front of us. I feel her presence a lot. Then also being the month of Raksha Bandhan, the purity month is also something very important. Baba wants us to be unadulterated, and when there is purity, then you are faithful. If our intellect gets attached somewhere, that becomes like adulteration. Just being with one Baba, one of the important aspects is to ignite the flame of intense effort, intense love. It is important to look at where our mind wanders if it does, because our sanskars, the atmosphere, the vibrations, subtle desires, there could be so many things that get mixed into our purity or in our remembrance. So we have to look at, and have internal love for proper effort. Whenever this kind of thought comes to get the proper definition of what is intense effort, immediately, Brahma Baba’s image comes in front of me, and I look at his timetable, his interaction with us, his love for Baba, all different levels. I cannot say that when I saw Brahma Baba, he had less love, or less remembrance of Shiv Baba, no. I could just feel that he had faith he had love, but he maintained it. I saw from when I met him until the end, he was very consistent. So, I think of that intensity, even when you ignite the fire, if we keep it burning, it will become intense, but if we turn on, turn off, we turn on, turn off, any fire, it won't have intensity. As much as the fire is intense, it has the capacity to burn, to destroy. So, we have to just look into our efforts internally, where my mind goes. That's very important. It is the same as our intellect, where does the intellect wander? So, if we pay attention to that, then our love can become inflamed. Otherwise, there is remembrance, but it is not intense enough to burn all the sins, or obstacles, or destroy our karmic accounts. Each one of us has to look into this and see where we are at. Now let the love for intense effort become like a fire. Become one who destroys evil and burns all your karmic accounts. Baba can definitely help settling karmic accounts, but is my mind with my body, or is my mind with Baba? The body also pulls the mind. Baba also uses the body as an instrument for getting service done.

We had a mother who used to be in Delhi, but something happened to her legs. So once we had dinner at Global hospital and after dinner generally they expect the senior to go around in the kitchen and give everyone toli. So, they asked me to meet her. She sat on the chair and she was cooking. I don't know if it was Dadi’s day or some of the favorite things of Dadi she was making. They were saying that she's the best cook, she can't walk, she can't do much, but she sits and cooks all the time. At least she's using her body, right? Because if you just lie down, then what will happen? You don't get cured, right? If you can, then you are able to do something very useful. So, Baba is talking about settling karmic accounts. So, how does that happen? Baba is saying that we settle our karmic accounts that remain in your mind, in your relationships and contacts, with the intense fire of love. Powerful yoga is the fire of love. The remembrance is like a fire that will destroy even the fire of corruption and violence, and give cooperation to all the souls. For people to get rid of negativity, they need power. It's not that they don't want to. They want to, but they can’t. There are such karmic accounts that they are not able to. So, our fire of love will help those souls. They will get cooperation. So cooperation to all souls happens when your attitude of unlimited disinterest is maintained. You have to do everything. You have to take interest in everything without attachment. We live in the world, we live with society and the big divine family, Baba’s Yagya. So, because of all that, we have to think about everything, but internally be a very detached observer. So, do the homework tomorrow and observe your mind and intellect, ignite the fire of love.

Om Shanti

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