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The fruit of contentment #28

Construct_the_New_World_28 Mohini Didi July 28, 2023

Om Shanti!

There are a lot of stories connected with Didi Manmohini and her mother. We used to call her queen mother. She was from a very wealthy family and both mother and daughter decided to come to Yagya. That was just the beginning when Brahma Baba had just begun and they both surrendered. We call her queen because she was very delicate, very beautiful, short, but very loving. She used to tell us that if you want to be a good BK then every time just surrender and bow.

When we listen with humility and the awareness of being an instrument of God, humility is the power which will help us to construct things. Every moment in life, so many things happen where there is conflict or lack of contentment. How do we help souls so that they can have contentment? One thing which we all have to be very careful of is not to react to any situation. We have to respond, but when we react, then we say something, then those things can be repeated. Relationships become difficult, so how do we sensibly, with humility, try to create good relationships? When relationships are good then it’s very easy to expand Baba’s service or stability of Baba’s homes anywhere. The answer is three words: nimit (instrument), humble and constructive.

Today Baba is giving us homework for tomorrow that when you have all three, the awareness of instruments, humility in our attitude, dristi, words and actions and the task is constructive, then there is the fruit of contentment. Contentment definitely is all attainments, as Baba had been talking in Murli. There are some souls who have contentment by nature, but there are some who quickly get doubts, suspicions or somewhere a lack of contentment. Baba says instead of working on contentment, I want to have contentment. Work on these three words, instrument, humility and constructive then experience the fruit of contentment. By considering yourself to be an instrument two specialties will be visible in your practical form. The first is through humility, you will always carry out constructive work. For example, if two souls both have difficulty because of whatever reason and I look at both and remain neutral, I can see that they both experience Baba’s love. Then they both can think about deep spirituality, some of the spiritual aspects in their lives, then I don’t have to spend a lot of time on what this one says and what the other one says. Even if you try to negotiate everything on both sides, something or other is lacking and you will not instantly be able to help them to change. This brings some kind of contentment or helps them to see they need to make more efforts, because the only solution is through our spirituality. If I join one of them and say you are right, that means the other one is not right and actually both are right and both are wrong. Both have to change some things. Every moment the aim has to be constructive.

Dadi Janki used to teach us to let everyone feel their value. Let everyone feel that I am accepted by Baba, I belong to the family. Baba says you will constantly eat the fruit of contentment and also feed others the fruit of contentment. Many say they can manage for themselves, but how do they have contentment for others? It works if you all think about it. You eat the fruit of contentment and feed the fruit of contentment by considering yourself to be an instrument. What will happen, you will experience yourself to be detached and loving to the Father. Sometimes we start taking responsibility, but if you say, “I am an instrument, it’s Baba’s task, Baba will do wherever, I can’t do”, Baba will do it through our intellect. We surrender and we give responsibility to Baba and then it will come to our own intellect.

There are certain things to decide, discern and act, but there are many interesting games in drama. One is to be able to see, but to be detached. If there are lot of wasteful thoughts, it is because I am not detached. If you are detached and loving to the Father, the word I will use is Baba. Because I am saying Baba, your intellect will be drawn to Baba. What happens is they will experience power from Baba. Their intellect goes towards Baba and they will experience power from Baba.

Baba said yesterday to have the costume of humility and armor of humility, but today Baba is talking about the fruit which we get when we inculcate. Do whatever we have to do based on awareness with these three qualities then there will be fruit of contentment. Baba says eat the fruit and feed the fruit because one of the main examinations you have to pass with honors or get numbers on is contentment, contentment in yourself and anyone who comes in contact with you. You also feed them with the food of contentment. Reflect on that, practice and see what your experiences are and eat the fruit of contentment.

Om Shanti

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