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The flying stage #4

Embodiment_ of_Solutions _4 Mohini_Didi September 4th, 2023

Om Shanti everyone !

We are listening to the Avyakti signals from Madhuban, trying to understand, then practicing and taking it as homework. If we even take a little, but do it a few times, a few minutes, then whatever is the aim for the month, that can become our stage.

For this month we have to be an image of solution. For that, Baba in Avyakt murlis has been giving examples of when you are on a flight and you look down, then very big houses will look like a little matchbox. When you see something higher, and then if you see on the same level, or if you see from down below, then it will look very big. Even though we know that every situation is reality, but in that reality, also do not get caught up in it, just see it as an obstacle and stop.

You have to have what Baba says flying degrees. We board the flight and it has to take off and fly, it has to leave the ground and fold the wings and then fly. We have to say that because of my body consciousness or the body consciousness of others, that we are not able to be detached. It’s either because of one’s own sanskars or external situations created by different sanskars. What does one have to do? Just lift yourself. Leave the ground. That means, soul consciousness. Everyone has different parts to play. With knowledge, get detached and then you start flying. Many souls are very happy they're going somewhere, but some are very nervous from time to time when they go higher, because they know they cannot come back here. When there is attachment, it’s very difficult to fly. Attachment creates a lot of fear. Baba talked about the connection of anger and attachment. I was thinking even when you want to fly many kinds of attachments emerge, attachment with your own body. Lots of people have travel sickness, because their bodies cannot take that height. The same happens with the stage. Some are not able to fly because some pulls are there. We have to notice what is pulling us down. Which sanskars, which attachment, which desire? Sometimes it could be that I am being pulled, like if you're leaving and your family is there. When you say goodbye, they are sad that you are leaving. It can be the same spiritually. You are going higher and higher, more with the lokiks, they try to pull you back.

All over the world these days, they have a lot of bridges to avoid delays in traffic. Whether it's different scenes of drama, different kinds of situations, we have to go beyond and then look at the situation to resolve it. It won't seem very big. You will feel you can handle it, you can do it, manage it. If you are in an ordinary stage, then you will find it very difficult, a lot of thoughts will come in the mind. That situation will appear again and again in the mind, because of being in an ordinary stage. Baba wants us to become the image of the solution of flying degrees. Baba is saying this is the age for the flying stage.

At the confluence age when we look below, we know many scenes of the iron age, many sanskars of the copper age are playing through different actors. I have to just remember I have to go above. The duty of the Brahmins is to fly and make others fly. Baba says that your real stage is that of the flying stage, and that is, Baba said, the angelic stage. Those who are in the flying stage will be able to overcome problems. It will be as though nothing had happened. Everything is happening so fast. That you just feel as if nothing has happened. None of these things down below will disturb them or create any obstructions, because these days you're flying, you're doing something, getting into some big service. On the other side there will be obstruction. You have to have flying degrees to cross those obstructions whether in personal life, personal efforts or it could be also while doing service. It could be in many different ways. Your mind can create obstruction. I cannot do any more, a lack of courage, trust, patience. All the time, remind ourselves of all our virtues, all our powers and most important is Baba’s company, Baba is with us. Baba will guide us. Baba will take us along. Baba will help us to move forward. These kinds of thoughts can help you to be in the flying stage and to overcome all obstructions.

Om Shanti !


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