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The Awareness Of Being Brahmins And Therefore Angels #9

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Become_An_Avyakt_Angel_9 Mohini_Didi April 9, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

It is really a special blessing that you all could be present every day. Your presence definitely inspires me, gives me strength to be with all of you every day. We are in Shantivan, the time now is five am. Today we are flying to Udaipur then to Delhi and New York. So, very soon we will be with all of you in New York. Little by little, every day, we understand, we implement, at least we try to experiment. The Avyakt signal was very powerful and I was trying to see how practical it was. Baba says that when you have the body of light then there is no pain, no sorrow, and no peacelessness. During the day, I was trying to see how it works. I was remembering Brahma Baba. He was ninety three years old when he became avyakt. He was healthy, tall, with very beautiful skin and everything. He was like that until the last moment. His mind was very stable, his intellect was very sharp. He knew everything, he remembered everything. So, when I looked at Brahma Baba, I thought if he can be that way, why can't we? I can also be like that. I observed that he was deeply subtly, incognito. You can't see how much someone is in remembrance of Baba. You can't see it, but it is through the smile and freshness and enthusiasm, readiness, and love for all, there are some visible qualities. Baba said for us to have the body of the light like Brahma Baba. So, I have to make the effort. There are two types of following. One is we follow principles, maryadas and timetables, that is more external, but there is following which is more inner and spiritual.

Baba said today that each one of you are ancestors and worship-worthy souls. Ancestors could be both, at the Confluence Age or the Golden Age. At the Confluence Age, Brahma Baba is the great great grandfather. Each one of us at the Confluence Age also are great grand sisters or brothers. In the Golden Age also we are ancestors, because deities are the original souls. The Confluence Age is like a seed and the Golden Age is like the roots. So the seed and the roots, both are the original and ancient ones. We can call that stage worship-worthy and ancestor. Ancestors and worship-worthy souls consider themselves to be the seed of the tree. Take your seat under the trunk of the kalpa tree. Ancestor souls do tapasya but then become worship-worthy. Baba is saying that what you have to do is to have the combined form of Brahman so angel. Now how can there be a combined form of Brahman so angel? Everything begins with the awareness of Brahmin pure life, then angelic life beyond and above and detached, with all the qualities of an angel. The combination of Brahman life and angel life can help people. You can grant people visions, you become that image. Baba says that while walking, talking, moving around you can give this vision that you are the ancestor soul, you are the worship-worthy souls to your devotees. Now devotees don't know which ones are my goddesses and gods but devotees will worship you with the bhavna, love, pure feelings, and a lot of respect.Not respect just as a human, but respect for you like holy person.

Wherever you are, be a companion of Brahma Baba, be an angel in the avyakt region. So, while being in this physical world, your experience will be as if you are in the angelic world. Baba said to give visions to your devotees while walking, moving around, doing everything, playing part in the corporeal. When the soul is in the body, you are playing a part in this physical world. We have to pay attention to see where I am. Am I in the physical world, or am I in the angelic world? Baba is saying, you will be playing a part, but internally you will have that feeling of an angel, then transformation will happen. You will experience that you are able to transform your nature from gross to subtle, from vyakt to avyakt. You will experience while you are playing a part here, that you are in subtle regions. So, that experience will pull you towards the stage of being an angel, that is what brings about transformation from Brahmin to angel in your nature and your expression, in your life. Yes, it is possible. I am sure we all can pay attention today and practice. The strength of that experience will help you to transform your nature and your sanskars. Many times Baba says that experience is the authority. When you feel something, experience something, it brings transformation, and that means, I want to be angel. Then there won't be any pull to other things, because when I experienced that the body is playing a part here but I am an angel, you will have more and more desire to be there. For today’s homework, practice combined consciousness, combined form of Brahmin so angel, playing part in the physical world, experience of an angel playing part in the angelic world.

Om Shanti

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