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The attainment of tapasya is a personality of contentment #4

Creating_Heaven_Inside_Ourselevs_4 Mohini_Didi June 4, 2022

Om Shanti!

Everyone okay in Avyakti Parivar and here? Yes, everyone is very okay. The retreat here has almost finished, but beautiful training is going on, dharna based leadership. I am sure that all of you must be taking a lot of benefit. We are expecting brother Ken will also be able to do that in English for us. We will plan that later in the year. Those of you who are attending must have started looking within yourself and implementing this, paying more attention on not only understanding the points of dharna from Murli, but also the practice of them. During the planning of this retreat, Dorothy Behn told me that the topic is ‘Going Beyond'. Actually, every scene of Drama is helping us to go beyond. Whether there are the scenes that we like, or the scenes that we might not like, but I go beyond. When it comes to any kind of situation, and some situations even connected with the body, the change starts happening, then you know that to charge yourself with pure vibrations in the body, pure feelings. This also reminds us to go beyond, because there are certain effects on the body. I told Dorothy Behn immediately, “If we all go beyond then who will be in the present?” So, can we integrate going beyond and being present? That is my experience since five, six years according to the Drama. It’s your time, use the body now. All these thoughts, and then you start becoming subtle, like now I feel whatever energy I have, I have to use it when necessary, so I don’t use it in detail sometimes, or unnecessarily. I feel I have to use it, so I have to be present, focused, with concentration, and do what I have to do. I use the power to discern and the power to decide every minute to be present, but if I go beyond I will not be present fully. Some kind of thoughts from the past or from a person may emerge. One just goes beyond all that, but also be very focused on what one has to do.

When we think of Sister Chandru, these past two years, there was so much change in her, because she knew that every moment, she has to be happy, she has to give, she has to be focused. So, there should never be fear because of attachment with the body, but transformation that I have to do when the body is indicating something, or nature is indicating that it is time to be present but beyond. This is a very beautiful balance that we all have to create. So, I thought that we will have in our practical life today, both the experiences of going beyond and being present, and there is so much to do. Dorothy Behn called us and asked us why we have three phones. One landline and sometimes we have all three lines on, so we can tell one to wait, and it goes on the whole day sometimes. Certain hours, we have to say ‘no’, we have to stop somewhere.

So, going beyond will help the capacity to increase, to do presently which always is a lot. Is there anyone who is free? No, everyone is busy, and then one is going beyond. What am I doing when going beyond? This is the practice, every day’s practice, because I know time is going, and I have to practice. Not only because I have to share, but also then this practice will be yesterday’s, and if I haven’t practiced, then another practice will come and I will miss something. We want to be present. It’s very beautiful. Luckily, I always get fresh flowers, because we don’t keep any flowers in Harmony House or Avyakti Bhavan. We always have fresh flowers, because a flower is something that when you look at it and it’s blossomed, it is beautiful. These days, they don’t have fragrance but they look nice. So, today’s practice was thinking of myself and looking at others like this blossomed flower. Baba is saying a lot about having a pleasant nature. There is a difference between happiness and being pleasant. Some people, when you look at them, are so pleasant and you feel so happy, and there are some that when they start talking, you have to think twice about what reaction you will get. You don’t know what state of mind that person is in. There are some you could just go there like you go near a flower. So, a pleasant nature that is friendly and light, adjustable, with acceptance, there many good qualities.

There is also this whole thing of the full Moon. Everyone loves to see the full Moon here. You don’t see much of the Moon in Peace Village, sometimes we do. Baba also mentions the worshiping of the full Moon day, and at that time they read or narrate the story of humans becoming deities, a human becoming Narayan. This is called Satyanarayana, the story of truth makes you Narayan, and it’s done on full Moon day. Every home in India will do that. So, it is done on full Moon day because the story is that you should never say that I don’t have, say, “Yes, I have. “I have enough”. So you get the blessings. Never have this thought that ‘I don’t have’, that’s what happened to this merchant. He was coming with boats full of gold and he said, “I have nothing”, so it became nothing. Always have this thought, “I am full”. So, the full Moon is when it is 16 degrees. Generally the cycle of the moon is 15 days, but Baba wants us to go to 16 celestial degrees. So, these are the thoughts I had during the day. I like it because as soon as I find that there is an impact of any situation or any problem, I remember that I have to do my homework. So, immediately I give my intellect a job, so this way you are not only going beyond, but you are present, and also becoming full. Sometimes only going beyond is not enough, but we have to become full. Each one of us is looking at ourselves as a flower, as the full Moon. This is such a beautiful feeling.

The personality of contentment, contentment through eyes, contentment in words, contentment in contacts and relationships, and of course it is when you have a pleasant nature. Not only do I have to be content, but also I have to make others content. People do come with situations. So, I have to help that soul, tell the soul in such a way that it becomes content, instead of agreeing, “Oh she is like that, or he is like that”, then I am creating karma. You have to be very careful and I don’t even want to say words. Sometimes we start saying something because the other one is saying it. So then we are not very loving or friendly. It’s nothing about me, it happened between two souls, and I am getting affected. So, we will do this practice tomorrow. I like it because a lot is emerging in us, and a lot is getting merged also. Some emerge like a new body of light, of pure elements, new parents.

Om Shanti


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