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Surrender for World Benefit #10

Embodiment_of_Solutions_10 Mohini_Didi September 10, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is okay, everyone is well? I think some of you must have heard Baba's bhog message this morning, and also I want to say that we got quite a long list of Baba's children for offering bhog. I think at least there were 50, and so everyone's name was read. Of course we gave Baba love from everyone, but also from those who specially offered for their alokik and lokik ancestors. It was so beautiful that we see the connection that Baba waas explaining on the foundation of the tree. There are few yogis sitting at the roots and then we see on the top of the tree, our perfect Brahma's stage. The top becomes the foundation again, it becomes the roots. So ancestor souls at this time are on the top, right? So it's very interesting to see how we are so connected with them, every leaf of the tree, every branch of the tree is connected. All are sustained from the roots. We always try to put water in the roots and every leaf, every branch starts blossoming. So, that is why sometimes Baba says to place yourself at the bottom of the tree near the roots.

So that you know that our every thought is for sustenance for everyone, including lokik. When we think of them here with a lot of love, they definitely experience connection with Baba, love for Baba, love for us. What I notice is that, the souls at the bottom are also at the top with Brahma Baba, and then the same souls again will become the bottom like Brahma Baba or the roots in the Golden Age, they will be there first. So, it's like an eternal connection. Like when I think of a mother caring for a child for a few months. So it's a lot, and if we say no, I don't have respect for the mother, no, we have respect for everyone. Those in our life have played some part or other. Of course, at this time, Baba says there shouldn't be attachment and I don't think we have, because we look at them as souls. Also, we give the love and the care that we received, and we want to keep them in our heart. So that love and care was always there and then you know it’s a kind of feeling of gratitude that the elements are serving us. Every element, air, water, earth, because the body is part of the elements. The body has been created by elements and it will go back in the elements again. So there is always this feeling of gratitude, but also always thinking of taking from Baba and then giving to others, nothing is direct. Baba's love, then my love towards everyone. Whatever Baba gives me, then I share with others. So the yoga of the intellect will remain with One, with no question of attachment, a lot of love, but no attachment.

So now our homework for tomorrow is another topic “surrender for world benefit”. So generally we say that I have to surrender my mind, body, wealth, everything to Baba to be used for service. Dadi Janki used to say, “Where do you earn money?” We say, “From people.” So, where should it go? That is why people create a ‘trust’. Most of the families create a trust, so that a regular charitable task can be done from the trust. It’s good to always think that way but then again it comes from where it begins. Everything really begins with your thoughts, no? So we have thoughts for world benefit, unlimited benefit. As you all know that some of you were in Peace Village during Avyakti Parivar, and some have come here for different reasons. We must have packs of hundreds of blessing cards, because Bhumiben had a thought that everyone could serve 100 souls by giving them an elevated thought. We were in the clinic with nurses and receptionists and whenever we go there, they really wait for toli and blessing cards. Even within the family at home, to create a very spiritual atmosphere, it’s a very good way, we put those cards in a bowl. Take one, read it or read one in the morning for the whole family. Many different ways to use it, and one of the top cards actually explains how to use it right. I know many of you get this thought, “Oh, maybe we can also serve by getting more printed,” and so we are trying to find out the source, how can we do that at a reasonable price. So very soon we will have cards in both Hindi and English.

So Baba is saying to surrender every moment for world benefit, every moment. When you remain busy in service at every moment, even if you are in silence you are serving. If you are peaceful, you are serving, the vibrations are there. So remain busy in service at every moment and in every thought. When you don't have any time for anything else but service, then Maya too will not have time to come to you. You're have churning, silence, and elevated thoughts, so the mind is occupied and Maya doesn't come. The problems will be transformed into solutions. Problems cannot have the courage to come to you elevated souls. Baba is saying that we are elevated souls who are embodiments of solutions. So, this is the month to think of solutions, and it's true because when you are listening and you try to find the answers and solution, your intellect will not absorb the problem. Once the problem goes into the intellect, it occupies all the space, and that means a lot of thoughts. When I am listening to someone, then I immediately say, “Oh that's the solution.” I sometimes don't even remember the problem. If I have to repeat it, that doesn't mean I am not listening, but I don't want to take it as a problem. Baba says that we should find solutions. So one of our habits now is to keep thinking about problems. We keep saying that this is the problem, this is the problem. I say, “Why do you keep invoking the problem?” There are definitely various adverse challenging situations in life, but don't see anything as a problem. As a self-sovereign seated on the seat with the stage of your eternal form, just listen, or even whatever you have to say, say it from that stage, say it from that seat. Baba said that we just have to practise this more and more. So, that's what we will do our homework for tomorrow.

Om Shanti

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