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Stable in faith and intoxication #30

Updated: Apr 1

Become_a_Carefree_Emperor_30      Mohini_Didi        March 30, 2024

Om Shanti!

What is Baba looking at? Who are we? We call ourselves the carefree emperors because that is what Baba’s signals are to become, carefree emperors. The concerns, very deep concerns, they could be real circumstances, but how do we see them? How do we pass that with honors? Baba is saying to be stable in faith, because that is one of the specialties of a carefree king. Very stable, but also very happy and full of intoxication. So, when stability and happiness are there, you can look at that soul and you know internally the soul is very stable, and also carefree, full of happiness. Every word Baba speaks feels so great and real. So what is the gap now between our stage and Baba‘s words? How much is the gap? We don’t want any gap, we want to see ourselves, feel ourselves, experience, and be what Baba is saying. How will it happen? Through churning, yes churning will definitely help by sharing with each other by practicing or becoming. Brahma Baba is the example. Sometimes I think that if we didn’t have Brahma Baba as an example, we would not have felt that we can become carefree emperors. When we saw Baba going through so many various situations, circumstances, he was watching the stage of the children, but Baba was stable and cheerful. I can tell you that whenever I saw Baba, even when I had a situation, it would disappear. We just saw Baba smiling. Is that the stage of faith or victory? How was he able to have faith and intoxication? God is teaching me, God is making me, so not only intoxication, but one hundred percent faith. He was able to renounce everything and had a lot of intoxication, but for us, we think about it, right? So, we have to follow BapDada. Baba says to be stable in faith and the happiness of intoxication. An emperor means one who is always stable in that faith and intoxication, because faith makes you victorious and intoxication makes you fly high with happiness. So, Baba is asking, “You are carefree emperors are you not? Do you have any worries? How will service increase?” I don’t have many good students, when will they come? Baba says that if you become free from thinking and keep your intellect free, then you will experience the Father’s power in the form of help. So, that means it will happen, Baba will make it happen, it is ordered in Drama, it will happen. So for that, we are introverted and are very deeply connected with Baba. Then you can feel Baba’s help from every scene of Drama. I may believe and I have faith, but internally, still there are some doubts. I think each one of us can look at our stage, and then check and change it, make it powerful, so that we can become victorious like kings, very joyful and stable. 

Om Shanti


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