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Silent sound of the Soul - No Problem #7

Silent_Sound_of_the_Soul_7 Mohini_Didi March 7, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Baba is saying that there are two important things, one is a point, and the other is light. It is true, because when you write one, it is one, and then you add zero, it becomes ten. If you put another zero, then it becomes one hundred, it multiplies. The same is with light. Baba talked about different types of light; Shiv Baba’s light, the light of the soul, but I also see the light of the sun and moon. What science has created is electrical light, that, Baba says, is temporary, it's perishable and blackouts are very common. If it's a full moon night or it's sunlight, that light is there, but the most important is my own inner light. I, as a point of light, that is very important. So, these are simple things, but by keeping them in our awareness, there is always power. They always say light and power, light and might, they are together in the soul. The light is subtle, but very clear.

So, I keep in my awareness that I am a point of light, and Baba also is a point of light. This should be our consistent thought, and it's very simple. We have this body, and the body has organs. We see whatever is happening, we hear, we see, we speak. So, there are different kinds of awareness we can maintain while hearing everything. I'm hearing whatever is being told to me, if I am a point of light, then I have to be a detached observer, or I am just the actor in this Drama, or I am just the instrument. So, while listening and having that awareness, this will help me not to be touched by any complication or problem. If the thoughts come, I think “No problem, it's going to be okay, something better has to happen, change is always for good.” Very elevated thoughts will emerge if there is this stage while listening. Otherwise, one feels heavy and can think, “Oh! It's such a big problem now.” This has become the normal language, and Baba wants us to change our language by saying, “No problem.”

So, Baba says, “Be a detached observer.” We see the scenes of Drama as we are moving forward in this spiritual journey, then Maya comes in some form or other. So, first will be our state of mind. If suddenly there are a lot of wasteful thoughts about any situation, that means it has touched my mind, or even my heart. If I am in a particular stage while listening or seeing, then Baba's words will emerge, ”It's going to be better, change is always good, no problem.” When the scenes of Drama keep changing, we have to be consistent. If your remembrance is consistent, then you are able to see what your response or reaction is. So, it is very beautiful the way it was our homework, not sometimes, but be consistent. If remembrance and awareness is consistent then I will say, “Oh! Baba will take care, something is going to happen.” I remember that once I was in a particular long-term situation with some difficulties with my name and passport. So, it took me a few years, but when it got solved, it was a few minutes. Sometimes it is a test of patience, or a test of trust. Deep within emerges the thought and feeling, “Baba will take care, I am Baba’s child, Drama is always beneficial. Let's see what the benefit is in this.” Do not lose self-trust, or faith in Drama. I always remember what Dali Janki said, that there should be honesty, truth, and simplicity. Have a simple nature. Don't change, manipulate or try to prove all the time that you are right. Just be what it is, it's true, so be natural.

The scenes of Drama are changing. Baba wants us to have distaste, so a scene emerges, and then distaste emerges. Look at every scene and have some practice and realization inside, learning, and implementation after that. I find that, whatever practice or homework we are getting, it seems that that's the need of the day. So, I see for myself today the whole day I will need to feel, not only think, feel, there is no problem. If our intellect is very engaged with difficulties and problems, then you cannot have remembrance of Baba. The intellect has to be clean, clear, and free to go to Baba, and be with Baba. That is why when Baba comes, first He gives knowledge, then He teaches yoga, because yoga is what you apply through knowledge. So, if I do not apply that Drama is beneficial, I cannot have yoga. Knowledge and yoga are very connected. Then knowledge changes into dharna, implementation, and inculcation of virtues. Then automatically, service happens. Sometimes you might not be speaking, but through your thoughts and through some way or another, you are constantly serving. Also, all four subjects are deeply connected, but first there is knowledge then yoga. We know ultimately it's yoga, but knowledge has to be changed now into yoga. That is, I understand knowledge, I apply knowledge, and as I am applying knowledge, my yoga keeps increasing with Baba naturally. Like with Brahma Baba, while meeting children or when there were many big scenes of Drama, he would just go in deep silence, or just invoke Baba and be in the company of Shiv Baba. In that company of Shiv Baba, when he saw the scenes of Drama, he was very cheerful. He never had fear. So many people, the whole society was against the yagya, and they were really defaming Baba because of purity. They said, “Stop doing this.” He said, “I'm not doing it. God is giving a message, so I am obedient to God.”

So, we create the stage, look at the scene, then we see the benefit and again maintain our stage, the deep connection. Then the response is, “No problem.” So, tomorrow we will practice. I'm really looking forward to applying all this and having beautiful experiences of remaining light and being a point. That's my thought for all of you, just be light or be a point of light, and remain light.

Om Shanti


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